The Gifted’s Second Season and Reed’s burgeoning powers

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Some new insights have appeared about The Gifted’s second season and particularly about the reveal late in Season 1 we learned that he has powers that his father suppressed. In the new season, Reed (Stephen Moyer) will deal with those burgeoning powers.

Reed's burgeoning powers

We learned in Season 1 that Reed’s father had experimented on him as a child, giving him a serum which successfully suppressed his X-gene and thus his mutant abilities after a period of intense illness.


According to Moyer, Season 2 will see Reed start to investigate his own past, which is eventually how these latent powers of his will come to light.

I look back at my past, and I look at my father’s notes, and I basically try to see who I could have been before, and that’s how maybe things start to happen, Moyer told TV Guide of Reed’s journey to discover his powers. As for what those powers will be, Moyer would only tease, “It’s in the family.


Reed’s children have a combination of telekinesis and molecular manipulation, and when they use their powers together, they create a destructive power that can level buildings. If Reed’s powers manifest in the same sort of way, it could be disastrous, especially since showrunner Matt Nix says that his journey to mastering his new powers will be pretty brutal.

Reed’s had powers suppressed for 30-something years,” Nix said. “So when they come along, it’s a rough ride. It’s a very, very rough ride. It’s not like he’s suddenly a superhero. And one of the things we think about a lot is how are these powers hooked into someone’s emotional life, and Reed’s a pretty repressed guy. So powers showing up for Reed is not good news. It’s very, very bad news.

The Gifted premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on Fox.


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