The Gifted Season 2 wraps and new video interview with Stephen Moyer

Wrap Party

Last night there was a Wrap Party for The Gifted which means that they have finished filming Season 2. However, that doesn’t mean that the cast don’t have other work to do before everything closes down.  There undoubtedly be ADR (Additional dialogue recording) to do and more. Still, the bulk of the work is over for Season 2 and the cast will presumably soon be leaving Atlanta for the season.

We won’t get to see  a new episode this week as the show has a “by week.”The next episode 8 titled, “The dreaM” will air instead Tuesday, November 27, s018. And according to IMDb that leaves  an additional seven episodes (15 in total) which will certainly take us into the new year.

There are a pitiful amount of photos and videos from last night’s the Wrap Party, but here is what we have found so far:

First off, Mr. Moyer seems to be jiving with the best of them at the party below, courtesy of this video by @natalynlind:

Season 2 bloopers reel from @TheGiftedonFOX last night during the wrap party

— Thomas Werstein (@ThomasWerstein) November 18, 2018

Below is a video Stephen Moyer gave published at the beginning of the month with Lauren Petrowski of KTBC Fox 7 Austin’s Good Day program.

Wrap Party


  1. Thanks for providing. Hard to believe the season has wrapped already. Enjoyed Stephen’s interview. The first one did not play for me. Here is the explanation that appeared across the screen … “No video with supported format and MIME type found.”

    1. That’s very odd Rowena that you couldn’t see the first video. I tried it on two separate computers on two different browsers and it works fine. Maybe try again later. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Okay, I tried another computer and had no difficulty viewing the videos I missed first time around. Not sure what is happening with my one computer.

    Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all!

  3. Short but fun interview with Stephen Moyer. I have a couple of episodes to catch up on right now so I’d better get busy and watch tonight!

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