The Gifted Season 2 episode 3 – CoMplications Screenshots

Just watched the third episode of The Gifted Season 2. We are happy to share the “coMplications” screenshots from this episode with you below.

This season Reed’s powers are really demonstrated when he loses control and destroys the car steering wheel. He doesn’t seem to have control over his powers.

We will continue to focus our efforts on The Struckers as we did last year.

Now that Lauren and Caitlyn know about Reed’s powers, I wonder what will happen next. Will they be found out? I’m looking forward to the next episode of Season 2 – Episode 4 which is titled, “outMatched.”

Below are some “Reed centered” screenshots from the episode:


To see all of our screenshots and the High quality photos provided by Fox, go to our album for this episode by clicking on the button below:

Read more about The Gifted here: The Gifted on Fox


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