The Gifted Season 2 Episode 1 – eMergence screenshots

eMergence screenshots

Just watched the first episode of The Gifted Season 2 and I found it to be very engaging. We are happy to share the eMergence screenshots from the episode with you below.

This season the group has moved to Washington DC and we also have some new characters. We will continue to focus our efforts on The Struckers as we did last year.

For Reed, Caitlyn, and Lauren the focus of this episode was devoted to finding Andy. Unfortunately, there’s no indication that Andy wants to come back to his family. During the episode, Reed sees his first signs of his mutant powers. As the episode progresses, he seems to be having trouble controlling them more and more. Caitlyn and Eclipse manage to get some computer info. Finally, Lorna has her baby and in the process blows out all the electricity in the city.

Looking forward to next week’s episode, are you?

Below are some “Reed centered” screenshots from the episode:

To see all of our screenshots and the High quality photos provided by Fox, go to our album for this episode by clicking on the button below:

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