The Gifted: Minor Spoilers about Stephen Moyer’s new show

The Gifted

The Gifted

Minor spoilers are starting to appear for Stephen Moyer’s new show, The Gifted. The fans are already on the lookout for tie-ins with the continuously expanding “X-Men” universe. These are not really that new, but they do put better focus on what Stephen said in his recent interview, so I decided to post the expanded info here.

FOX describes “The Gifted” as a family adventure series that sends the Struckers, a suburban family, on the run from a hostile government agency known as the Sentinel Services after they discover that their children have mutant abilities. But while parents Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Kate (Amy Acker) will stop at nothing to protect their children, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White), there is only so much that they can do against a group of enemies that have all the resources to take them down.

Then, an underground network of mutant rebels enters, consisting of characters that have previously been seen in earlier additions to the “X-Men” franchise: Blink (Jaime Chung), Thunderbird (Blair Redford), and Polaris (Emma Dumont). These mutants will not only work with the Struckers to keep their children safe, they will also be teaching Lauren and Andy how to better control, harness, and eventually wield their mutant gifts, before their enemies, led by Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell), close in.

In an interview with eTalk, as cited by CBR, Moyer said that their upcoming superhero series will not immediately be allied to the established X-Men continuity. While the series will be featuring mutant characters that are based on the comic books, the “X-Men” universe’s existing timeline based on the most recent movie, “Logan” and the recently concluded small screen adaptation of “Legion” does not give their series a more apparent chance for a tie-in.

So we definitely slot into a timeline, but as of yet, we’re not allied,” Moyer said. “I think they have given themselves a lot of leeway in order to be able to go places, but we’ve enough story within our universe to propel us forward without having to do that,” he added.

I’m so excited about this series and to see Stephen Moyer on TV again.  Mark your calendars fans, it premieres on October 2.



  1. Thanks for the expanded information. Always happy to learn more about The Gifted. My calendar is marked. However, I’ll have to DVR the show or catch it On Demand since I’m never home Monday nights.

  2. Stephen Moyer kept me riveted (dare I say obsessed?) for 7 years, so I have no doubt I will be glued to my TV screen whenever this show is on, and certainly whenever our favorite guy is on!

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