The Gifted goes all out with Comic-Con 2018 trolley wraps!

Fox has done it again this year and is promoting The Gifted Season 2 with trolley wraps in San Diego at Comic-Con 2018!

However, we’re kind of sad that Stephen Moyer’s lovely face isn’t plastered all over these trolleys, but we like seeing that the show is going to have a strong presence at the Con this summer.

We’re pretty sure Stephen will attend along with the rest of The Gifted cast members. He has gone to the gigantic convention many times as he first went in 2008 for True Blood. While he hasn’t attended every year since True Blood ended, we’re pretty sure this is if not his 8th time, it’s pretty close to that number. So, he is a PRO at knowing his way around Comic-Con.

Considering FOX went all out on the series in 2017 with their banner wraps on the Hilton Bayfront and the Mutant Testing Center, it’s not surprising that they’re pushing the series hard again in 2018 for their second season which is scheduled to premiere on October 2. You can check out the wraps they did last year by clicking here.


These wraps promote The Gifted on FOX with the word PERSIST written above the show’s name. That must be a new “tag” for this year’s season, but I’m not sure. See the different trolley car designs below.

trolley wraps trolley wraps
trolley wraps trolley wraps
trolley wraps trolley wraps

sources: Cool San Diego Sights and SDCC Unofficial Blog

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  1. Interesting. Glad of the promo, but, honestly, the wraps give me a headache. I’d feel better about them if Stephen’s handsome face were visible.

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