Review: The Gifted Episode 1.02 – rX – Reed Strucker makes a deal

As tonight’s episode 2, titled rX begins we go back in time with the Strucker family as they are at the bowling alley having some family fun. Caitlin, Lauren, Andy and Reed are joined by his mother (Sharon Gless).  Andy rolls a strike, but when Lauren takes her turn she leaves one pin standing, that is until she uses her mutant powers to turn over the last one with an unseen motion of her hand.

Just then, a ruckus begins when a mutant girl who is bowling with her father is teased by onlooking teens. She gets upset and disrupts the gathering by using her powers like Andy did at the gym. Reed immediately goes to the girl’s Dad warning him to get his child out of there fast because even if what happened was is an accident it is still a serious crime. He tells them to walk away before things get any worse.


Then, we move to the present where we left off last episode. We see that orchestrating that big of a “jump,” back to the mutant’s underground Atlanta way station, severely hurt Clarice (Blink) and in turn putting everyone there in danger. To save her life, Caitlin (Amy Acker), who is a nurse, and Marcos (Sean Teale) slip into a hospital to procure some necessary meds.

Meanwhile, Emma (Polaris) is sent to a girls prison where she has a rude awakening to prison life.  A collar has been put around her neck that gives her severe electrical shocks if she uses her mutant powers. She is also mistreated badly by the other girl prisoners who know she is pregnant. They punch and kick her and one of them kicks her right in the stomach presumably to hurt the mutant baby. This forces her to use her mutant powers no matter what the neck brace will do to her.  As a result, she harms several of the inmates and when we last see her she is down on the floor in great pain after being put in solitary.

As Caitlin and Marcos are heading to the hospital, we see that Reed Strucker, who didn’t make it into the portal at the end of episode 1 is now in the custody by the very company he works for, Sentinel Services. He is being interrogated by Jace Turner (Coby Bell).  Turner tells Reed that he’s in big trouble and that they want to know what he knows. Reed assumes that they are bluffing and says he won’t tell anything and demands to be released.

Meanwhile, Caitlin (Amy Acker) manages to steal the drugs needed to help Clarise (Blink) and she and Marcos (Sean Teale) drive back to the the mutant underground’s Atlanta way station. Watch a video of that section of the story below.

When they arrive, Caitlyn starts to work on Clarise (Blink).  Clarise (Blink) doesn’t seem to be able to control her ability to open and close portals and many start popping up all over the station allowing Sentinel Services to see and possibly enter the portal. Luckily, Lauren is able to block them using her powers. However soon, even she can’t stop them and they are forced to evacuate before everyone is caught.

We return to Sentinel Services where Reed has been left to consider his options. Jace Turner (Coby Bell) returns telling him that they have now decided that they are going to charge him with Terrorism. Reed is shocked and says how can you charge me with such a thing.  Jace tells him that they know that he used information he found in the file of Polaris when he was interrogating her  and that’s how he contacted them to help the family flee. He then shows Reed that they even have his mother in custody for questioning to find out what she knows. Reed is shocked when he sees her as you can see in the screenshot below.

After having time to think, Reed knows what they want to charge him with is a prosecutable offense, but he fights back saying that Jace is in just as much trouble as he is and that he (Reed) has the upper hand. He then says,

You’re desperate. So, here’s what’s gonna happen.  We are gonna make a deal today, but we’re going to do it on my terms.  I will cooperate with you but I go down for this, alone.  My mother goes home along with anyone else you may be thinking of dragging in here.  But, most importantly, my wife and children stay out of prison.”  Jace fights back saying that his family has committed several crimes.  Reed insists, “If you want me, they go free, period and all of this is going to be worked out by the lawyer you bring here, right now!

Jace agrees, but goes on to say that he has a condition and that is that he gets the Mutant Underground.  Reed shakes his head in agreement.

Just as the episode is about to end, we see a doctor come to his assistant asking him to look up whatever files he has on mutant siblings.  He says there was an incident in Rio in the 1960’s.  They find a newspaper article and the doctor asks to talk with whoever is in charge of the case at the school gym saying, “He and I should talk.

Presumably the fact that Andy and Lauren are siblings must have some significance here and this must spell trouble for the Strucker Family, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out what that is.

I wonder how the family will every get back together.  Will Reed’s deal with Jace Turner cause the family more danger? We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Note:  I just want to say that in this episode I thought that Stephen Moyer’s very subtle performance of being interrogated was spot on.  I really felt his every mood from fear to domination.  It was really well done! Bravo Steve!

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  1. Agree on Stephen’s interrogation scenes … subtle yet every emotion came across to me. I was delighted to see Sharon Gless (Burn Notice alum) on board as Reed’s mother. I hope we see more of her. I have to say that Marcos is quickly becoming a favorite.

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