The Gifted Videos & Photos prior to Comic-Con Panel

The Gifted Panel at Comic-Con 2018 will be starting in about a bit. We’re excited. To keep you busy until the panel begins below is are some photos and a video that includes the cast at the photo shoots which they did prior to the panel.

Comic-Con videos

'The Gifted' cast live at Comic-Con

The Gifted cast is chatting with us LIVE about the series. Tune in now and ask your questions in the comments

Pubblicato da Entertainment Weekly su Sabato 21 luglio 2018



source of videos: Entertainment Weekly on Facebook and Blair Redford US (@BlairRedfordUS) July 21, 2018


  1. Appreciate the videos … thank you. Good to get a taste of what we’ll be seeing when S 2 starts up. I saw Amy Acker in one or two of the photos. I thought she wasn’t attending CC, so wondered about that.

    1. I don’t see Amy in any of the photos. I think you are mistaking her for the woman who plays one of the triplets who is also blonde and her name is Skyler Samuels

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