The Gifted hits Comic Con with panel and new trailer

Comic-Con 2018

Yesterday Stephen attended The Gifted panel at Comic Con and was out and about the convention halls to promote the upcoming show that will premiere on October 2nd. Before we show you some pics from the panel, let’s kick off first with the official Comic Con trailer of The Gifted that was shown at the panel yesterday.

In Ballroom 20 The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix was joined by executive producers Jeph Loeb, Lauren Schuler Donner, producer Derek Hoffman and stars Stephen Moyer (Reed), and Amy Acker (Caitlin), Jamie Chung (Blink), Sean Teale (Eclipse), Coby Bell (Jace Turner), Emma Dumont (Polaris), Blair Redfield (Thunderbird), Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren), and Percy Hynes White (Andy).

Hopefully when can add the video of the panel here soon for you to watch. It was broadcasted live on The Gifted Facebook page, it’s it was not made available there to watch again.
The funniest line was by Stephen of course:

Clip with highlights from The Gifted panel.

The cast did do a short informal panel that was also streamed live on Facebook.

For more photos visit our Comic Con 2017 Photogallery.  


  1. Thank you for a view of The Gifted panel. Nice seeing Steve back at Comic Con and looking forward to the new series.

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