The Buzz: True Blood at Comic-Con 2013

Comic Con 2013

True Blood is always a big presence at Comic Con each year and this year was no exception. Below is a video that HBO has just put out that shows some of the highlights from the cast attendance at the event. It is nice to see Deborah Ann Woll remembering Jessica’s dad, (Bill) Stephen Moyer, even though he couldn’t be there this year.

Comic Con 2013


source TrueBlood on YouTube


  1. Thanks, Lynn, and HBO. This was fun! Besides snippets from the cast
    members being interviewed or hearing from them on the panel, it’s great
    to see the creative costumes people come up with.
    Everyone interviewed was so appreciative of the fans and their support.  That is lovely to see.

  2. I meant to add in my previous post … loved Deborah Ann’s holding up a picture of Bill, a.k.a. Stephen, and calling him “daddy.”.

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