The Billsbabes Week of Kids Theatre in Brentwood Theatre this February

Stephen Moyer next to his fan wall in Brentwood Theatre
Stephen Moyer next to his fan wall in Brentwood Theatre

It feels so good to know that the money we have raised together for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund is being put to excellent use. The Billsbabes Week of Kids Theatre will start on February 18th in Brentwood Theatre and is partially financed with the money raised with last years Billsbabes Day.

Today’s weekly newsletter of the theatre is entirely dedicated to this wonderful week filled with kids theatre and I would like to share a few parts with you.

It has been supported by the fans of Stephen Moyer, the BillsBabes, and we are very pleased with the response.  There are still some spaces left, and of course any money that is made gets ploughed back into the running of the Theatre, to everyone’s benefit.

The week of kid’s theatre for half term has been sponsored by the fans of our Patron, Stephen Moyer who are based all around the world, they have raised money by cake bakes, sponsored events and also one very special lady from Sweden has made some jewellery angels which we are selling for £4 each with all money going towards these kid’s shows.

If you live anywhere near Brentwood Theatre and you have children, nephews, nieces, neighborhood kids, take them all with you to see these wonderful shows!

All the info can be found on the Brentwood Theatre website.


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  1. A wonderful week of children’s theatre coming up.  How fine is that!  I’m proud to be a Billsbabe and to have helped in some small way to make live theatre happen for these children.

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