The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.10 – “Radioactive”

After 10 episodes True Blood season 6 has come to an end and the way we leave Bill this year makes his fans a lot happier than the bloody mess they left us with last year.

Let’s take a look at what happened this week and how the season ends for Bill

After saving the vampire from meeting the sun, Bill leads his flock back to the Compton Mansion, where they all enjoy their newly found freedom and the warmth of the sunlight on their skin. Sookie and Alcide, who attended Terry’s funeral, watch the festivities from a distance and Sookie realizes that Bill was right about everything. He, however, does not participate and goes into the house not looking happy at all. Bill watches from the window how Sookie embraces Jason, Pam and Tara. He realizes the difficulty of the situation she is in with Warlow and that he is responsible for putting her in that position.



Another thing that he realizes is that because of all the blood he has lost, he has also lost the abilities that came with Lilith’s blood: he is no longer Billith, but plain old Bill Compton again. When this scene aired you could hear a collective scream of joy coming from all the Bill fans around the world. No more Lillith controlling our favorite vampire, we’ve got our Bill back!

Now that Lilith no longer has any influence on his thinking, Bill hurts for all the pain that he has caused Sookie and he fears there is no coming back from that. He feels defeated, Sookie will be made vampire and there is nothing he can do about it now. He needs the encouragement and inspirational speech from his progeny to shake off this paralyzing dark mood and take action to save Sookie from Warlow and do right by his former lover. The first step is to inform Jason, who understandably is very pissed when he hears about the deal Bill, Sookie and Warlow made.



While Jason and Violet go to the Bellefleur Mansion to convince Andy that they need Adilyn to open the gateway to the faerie plan in the cemetery, Bill takes a frightened Takahashi into the woods. He glamours the Japanese professor into forgetting all about him and the events of the past couple of weeks, and leaves him there with a bag full of money as a reward for his services.

Soon after Bill, Jason, Violet, Andy and Adilyn head over to the cemetery, where Adilyn is supposed to open the gateway to the faerie plan where Sookie and Warlow are. Bill tries to help the clueless faerie girl with gentle words, but it’s the fear that Violet puts in Adilyn that helps her tap into her powers to open the gateway.

On the other side, in the cemefaery, Bill tells the others to take care of Sookie while he fights off Warlow. Eventhough Warlow is over five millennia older than Bill, the later stands his ground well. When Warlow tries to escape out of the faery plane Bill grabs a hold of Warlow’s leg and hitches a ride back to the real world, where Warlow immediately flies off to Sookie’s house.

When Bill arrives there, he tries to enter the house and stake Warlow, but since he has lost the powers of Lillith, he is unable to enter without an invitation and Warlow zaps him off the porch. In the end it’s Jason and Niall, crossing over from the dark side, who manage to stake Warlow and free Sookie from her evil stalker.



After a time skip of six months we learn that Bill is an author now. He wrote the book “And God Bled” about his experiences as Billith. Sookie, who is now in a relationship with Alcide of all people, watches her former beau doing a talk show on TV about his book release. It’s undeniable that she is not unmoved by seeing him, she will always have a soft spot for her first love and maybe time is starting to take the edge of some of the things that have happened between them while they were together and apart.

It is interesting that the reason Bill has written this book is to establish trust and end the secrecy surrounding vampire kind. The biggest secret of the vampires was that they fear the humans just as much as the humans fear the vampires. And this thought forms the basis of the plan Bill and Mayor of Bon Temp Sam Merlotte have come up with to ensure the safety of both species in their town. Every human needs a vampire and every vampire needs a human.



That evening, Arlene, owner of Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill, hosts a social for the occasion of humans and vampires mixing and teaming up. Sookie and Alcide leave early, without having made arrangements with a vampire for protection. In the parking lot Bill is waiting for them. He offers Sookie his protection, for free, no strings attached. She refuses and prefers to take her chances with growling bright eyes. It’s obvious that Bill doesn’t think much of Alcide and to be honest, neither do I. Bill reassures her that he can be trusted again, but she tells him that even at his best, she could never really trust him.

Before they can continue this awkward conversation, both Bill and Alcide detect a nasty smell coming their way. A horde of hungry vampire zombies infected with Hep-V is making its way fast towards Bellefleur’s where the town of Bon Temps is gathered. Maybe it was not such a good idea after all to hold a party after dark without so much as even one guard equipped with silver bullets to protect the crowd.



And this is how our friends leave us until June 2014.

From show runner Brian Bucker we learn that the big question for Bill in season 7 will be if he can be forgiven.

Time will tell…..


  1. Thanks, Shad.  Well done, as always.  Bill is in a much better place at the conclusion of this season than he was at the conclusion of Season 5 … thank goodness!  The time jump was surprising but I’m adjusting. Glad to see now Mayor Sam Merlotte and Bill working together to keep healthy humans and vampires safe.  Arlene owner of what was once Merlotte’s will take some getting used to, as will Bill as the author of “And God Bled.”  Okay, so he’s looking to establish trust between vampires and humans.  I get that.  And he outed the vamps even more, sharing that they are as fearful of humans as humans are of them.  
    Will Bill be forgiven?  Are we talking Sookie here?  I don’t know.  He’s kept her safe any number of times; he saved the white room vamps; he and Jason spearheaded her rescue from Warlow and his eventual death.  It’s obvious that she still has feelings for him.  At this point in time I’d like Bill to look elsewhere.  I don’t think she’s worthy of his love.  I remember clearly that staking on the Compton mansion porch.  Certainly the general population, both vamps and humans, should forgive him.  But I have one nagging forgiveness matter … it was Bill’s idea initially to burn down the Tru Blood factories.  Don’t know that I can give him a pass for that.  Although he was coming more and more under Lilith’s spell.  So there is that to consider.  And speaking of Lilith, she and her minions are gone,gone, gone.  I hope they stay gone.
    I’m happy Bill glamoured Takahashi and paid the poor man for his services.  Wonder how he’ll explain his absence and that boatload of cash to his wife and children.

    Someone else brought up the following.  It is by no means original with me …  Eric drank from Adilyn, and her blood enabled him to get to the faery plane, attack and feed off Warlow.  He found a way to get there and to leave.  Bill drank Warlow’s blood but could not get to Cemefae on his own or figure out how to leave.  How come?  Was it because Warlow was vampire-fae and not a pure faery?  
    I’ve rambled far too long.  Bottom line:  we’ve got our Bill back!!!!!!!

    1. Yay..Bill is back…I agree with you about Bill’s need for forgiveness from Sookie.  I beleive they should call it a draw.  They’ve each done enough to each other and Bill, unlike Sookie, always seems to come through for her in the end.  I’m not feeling the Alcide thing either.

  2. Hey… did anybody else notice that Bill’s outfit in the final scene is almost the same as the one he wore in the first episode of TB???  I think this is prophetic and symbolizes that Bill is defintely back.

  3. THANKS once again Shad for your hard work! You have done well all this season and I have loved all your chronicles. 
    I do find it funny that nobody has mentioned the viking going up in flames. naked on a snow covered Alp. lol.
    I do agree with everyone about YAY! WE HAVE OUR BILL BACK! I am now anticipating season seven more than ever.

  4. Great review of the episode Shad.  Yes, we are all so happy to have our civil war hero back with us. I’m so happy about this and that Bill seems to be finding new ways to help his causes.  He is a good man at heart, I just know it. I am also glad that we don’t have to sit through another season hiatus wondering what might have happened to our character.  Last year was just plain torture and the Eric fans are lucky that they got some relief already; we weren’t so lucky.  I am looking forward to the fact that the writers want to bring True Blood back to it’s roots of how vampires co-exist with humans. Yea!  I also hope that we see lots of Bill in Season 7.

  5. it was a great episode, and I think the time jump was well done, it left so much up in the air for S7, but bringing everything back to BT and not having so many different story lines will be great.
    The Bill forgiveness and redemption story of S7 will be centered around Sookie, there is no one else who they could be talking about in regards to Bill needing forgiveness.
    I like Alcide, and I’m glad Sookie had someone to fall back on, but we know it will fall apart due to the main fact that Sookie is still in love with Bill, even if she does not want to admit it.  The trust issue will be the one big thing for Sookie, Bill has to earn her trust again, and that will be a major theme between them in S7.
    Thanks so much to Bucky for doing the reset of the series, I look forward to S7.

  6. Thank you Shad for the excellent  Bill Chronicles all season. I’m always appreciative for a chance to discuss Bill. 
    I never lost faith that our Bill would return to us and now he has. Bill is definitely the most cerebral vampire and somehow he holds on to his humanity if when that thread gets a bit frayed and tenuous. He always finds his way back to his true self. Again he is working on solutions to the human and vampire relations. I really like that he’s working with Sam again. And God Bled is one book signing I’d attend. I think the book will go a long ways in calming the humans because it shows that the vampires can be vulnerable just like humans. No doubt that was Bil’s intention and purpose of writing the book. Think it will end up on Oprah’s must readbook club list? :) 
    Absolutely loved Bill putting that big overgrown hound in his place. Brighteyes LOL

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