The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.09 – “Life Matters”

After this week’s episode I now feel that maybe I judged Bill a bit too harshly in my last Chronicles, the extreme heat wave at the Florentine HQ of AllStephenMoyer had probably something to do with that. Whatever the reason I was happy to see Bill finally bring his mission to a successful ending this week.

Even though Eric almost drained Warlow of all his blood, Bill insists of taking him with him to vamp camp, until Sookie suggests that Eric has more of Warlow’s blood in him than Warlow himself and he should be able to save the vampires from burning. Sookie zaps him out of the Cemefaery and he is on his way.



I assume Eric must have told Bill where the vamp camp facility is before he left the Compton Mansion, when Bill arrives there he can tell that Eric has been a busy boy dismembering guards. He finds the emasculated Dr. Overlark in a pool of blood. He points Bill in the direction where Eric went and he confesses that he hurt Jessica when Bill asks him about his progeny. He is more than happy to grant Overlark his wish for a quick death and stomps him on the head, guaranteeing a closed casket funeral for Dr. Evil.



Bill continues his search for Eric, always remaining one step behind him. Until he realizes that time is running out and his only chance to save the vampires in the white room is by feeding them his own blood and hoping that it’s strong enough to protect them from the sun. When Sarah opens the sunroof of the building, Bill is in a messiah like position while the vampires feed on him. He would even let Steve Newlin feed in order to save him too, but Eric won’t allow that and the fallen reverend meets the sun right there and then.



The vampires are all so high on the rush of being sun proof with a pinch of faery-vampire-Lilith blood that they all merely dance around and leave the building, forgetting all about Bill who is slowly dying. Only Violet seems to realize it, but she doesn’t attempt to help him. Left alone in the room the three Lilithettes with the huge bushes arrive to fetch Bill and take him away. With his very last strength Bill manages to summon Jessica, who immediately arrives at his side with her new friend James. James offers him his blood, but Bill is too far gone to drink.

Not sure how they managed to save him, but in the next scene James, Jessica and Bill all emerge from the building, alive and well where Bill is applauded and honored like a true hero. Vampire Bill has saved the day.

With only one more episode to go your guess is as good as mine what will happen next with Bill, but I have a strong hunch that it will include Warlow.



  1. THANKS Shad! That was an excellent summary of the events. I LOVED this episode.!
    The way Bill came flying out of the cemefaerie and his cool slding landing was great! He has grace even under fire! 
    Sookie is surely a puzzle this year, her language has deteriorated along with her anger at her life going sky high. 
    I loved the way the white room vampires fed off of Bill in the symbolism of the messiah, that was a touch of genius by the writers imo. I also wondered why Violet simply left Bill to die and didn’t even think of doing anything more than thanking him, no help? Don’t like Violet very much. Hopefully she is gone soon.

    James is a cutie and he seems so calm and wise I love his and Jessica’s connection to each other. Hopefully it will  work out for them. It was his idea that saved Bill so I already love him!

    Ginger’s back and her scream scaring Jason was CLASSIC! Then her offer to feed them all was funny too! Why is it always Jessica who says “Party at our house!” ? LOL. She is the typical teen forever! 
    My heart was captured all over again by this episode. Love our Bill and his one track mind to save his progeny and all the other vampires. 
    I also loved the way Eric was ruthless about his revenge, it is his character’s best quality and we saw it in excellent form this time! Pam was truly heartbroken when he left and the last look between them was heart breaking also.
    Steve Newlin’s demise was classic with the look on the face of Sarah Newlin as he shouted out “I love you Jason Stackhouse!”. She is going to come to a bad, bad end I do believe. lol.

    All in all, to me this was the best episode of the season and even tho our last episode next Sunday means another year of waiting I am excited and looking forward to seeing Warlow get his azz beat and hopefully Niall arrives in time to help!
    I love these chronicles. You do a wonderful job and I look forward to them immensely.

    1. booboobear 
      I agree with your whole post boo, this was the best episode this entire season, and Vampire Bill was the hero, he even wanted to save Steve, lol
      And I also agree that Eric is at his best as the vengeful and remorseless vampire who will kill anyone who gets in his way of avenging Nora.  The sad-eyed lovelorn Eric is just too plain boring, I hope that version of Eric is gone forever.

      1. JXV booboobear Hello there my friend! We agree on almost everything, always! good to see you posting here! I have missed you!
        Here’s to a Bill and Sookie “truce” at least, if not a ‘love connection” by the end of this season!

    2. booboobear   Great comments, booboobear!  I agree with all of them.  The ‘crucifix” shot of Bill being held by the vampires feeding on him was genius, followed by the ‘Pieta’-esque pose of Violet holding him partially on her lap, as he was barely conscious.  Can’t get much more ‘prophet’-like than that!
      It was so smart to put both Bill and Eric at the vamp camp, each on their mission to save vampires, but by very different means, and for totally different reasons:  Bill, the prophet charged with aborting his vision of his progeny and other vampires burning in a white circular room, and Eric, the avenger, there to make those who did this pay, especially those who killed Nora.
      I’m assuming, from what’s happened so far, that Sookie and Bill are not going to be doing any ‘mending fences’ this finale.  If there is a move in that direction, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I don’t see it happening.  I am hopeful for next season, though!
      I am fascinated by this ‘time jump’ I’ve heard about.  This should be so interesting!
      This was such an enjoyable and gratifying episode.  It just filled the Bill perfectly! (pun intended.LOL!)

  2. Thanks for providing, Shad.  I always appreciate your summaries and accompanying photos.  Bill’s threat to kill Sookie if he didn’t find a way out of Cemefaery really startled me.  I didn’t think he would go that far.  That was resolved by Sookie zapping him with her light.  I loved Bill ending up being the hero and saving the white room vampires.  I did wonder if he had enough of Warlow’s blood in his veins to feed all those vampires and make them impervious to the sun.  That still remains a question mark for me … but I’m glad it worked.  And it wasn’t just the original white room vamps.  A few others joined the party.  And kudos to Bill for wanting Steve Newlin to feed.  It was not to be and we lost the reverend.

    Bill refused to accompany the sirens and was able to fend them off.  I think a lot of that had to do with the arrival of Jessica and James.  I really believe James fed Bill.  How could he have recovered otherwise?  When the vamps were cavorting outside, I kept wanting someone (hoping it would be Jess) to realize that Bill needed help.  Finally Jessica and James went to his aid, and he survived the experience.  He was strong enough to say “no” to the sirens and refuse Lilith’s call.  I hope that means her control over him is diminishing or has vanished completely (the latter scenario would be preferable).

  3. I finally liked Bill again in this episode and hope the real Bill is here to stay! And on a shallow note, Bill looked smoking hot walking out of that building with the ripped and bloody shirt :-)

  4. OOOPs  I wrote a lenghy post ( surprise) and it went Poof. Maybe I broke it? Sorry Shad. Can’t replicate the whole post but:
    The scene in the white room with the vampires feeding from Bill, the opening of the ceiling and the sun streaming down on them, the deification of Bill was such a stunning visual. Surely if there were a Vampire church or cathedral this would be depicted in stained glass.

    1. Willkill4Bill Hey! What a grand idea for one of our resident artists to make a stained glass picture of that scene! It would make a wonderful screen saver or just a poster in a frame!
      What a good idea you had!

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