The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.08 – “Dead Meat”

I’ve been dragging my feet writing this week’s chronicles. In the past few episodes For a moment I was given hope that my most favorite True Blood character had not completely been destroyed by the blood of Lilith. But the latest episode was a stone cold reminder that the Bill who drew in millions of fans with his tortured soul and humanity has disappeared from Bon Temps and is probably gone for good. No matter how hard I try I am simply unable to be as invested in Bill’s story as I used to be.

With that off my chest let’s take a look at what happened this week.



While Eric still has his dead sister all over him, Bill reminds him of their mission to save the vampires that are locked up in vamp camp. He did everything he could to keep his end of the deal to save Nora, but Eric sees that differently of course. Bill did not come back with Warlow, because Sookie has him. Eric offends him about his weakness for his ex, hitting where it hurts by bringing up the stake incident. Bill feels powerless against Eric’s words and in defense he elevates him in an attempt to shut him up. But Eric is furious and won’t stop mocking him, until Bill hits him where it hurts by making a remark about “his weakling maker Godric”. The boys are completely at odds with each other again and Bill is still no closer to saving the vamps in camp.

Sookie has a huge decision to make: or become Warlow’s faerie/vampire bride or be responsible for the death of her friends. She goes to Bill to discuss the matter, but he is only interested in completing his mission and does not care what Sookie would have to sacrifice for that. Bill wants to take Warlow to vamp camp where you would give his blood to the vampires in the white room to make them impervious to the sun.



Sookie talks to him about when they first met and how Bill hated being a vampire. Bill answers that he was misguided and he looks away almost as if he were ashamed of the way he was back then. Sookie tells him that Warlow wants to turn her in exchange for him helping Bill with his blood. But Bill doesn’t give Sookie the answer that she had probably hoped for, along with all the Bill-Sookie shippers: a little sympathy was the least he could have shown her. But he doesn’t care, he even thinks it’s a good deal since Warlow will be doing them a large favor.

I’ve stopped shipping for Bill and Sookie a long time ago, I thought that they had their shot and it didn’t work out, I even thought at times that she didn’t deserve him, but this is the very first time that I feel that he doesn’t deserve her. Sookie is right; Bill has turned into a monster.

On the cemetery Bill seems more human again, asking Sookie what changed her mind, but still no words of sympathy for Sookie’s impossible situation. When they arrive on the other side in Faerie land however someone got there before them and Warlow looks pretty drained. That can only mean one thing: Eric is on the warpath!



  1. I agree with you, I am not longer excited about Bill’s story line, the writers have turned him into a stone cold monster. The old fashioned side burn henly wearing Bill is dead. Sookie will most likely turn vampire as she has no one to turn to. I will always be a Moyer fan but the writers have taken the heart out of the show as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I’m still holding out hope that the Lilith part of Bill will diminish and ultimately vanish, and the Bill we knew and loved (the darkly brooding, but gentleman vampire) will return.  When he does, he won’t be the vampire we saw in Season 1.  But I’m hoping he’ll get close to that.  Maybe that’s foolish, but that’s where I am with it.  He was unsympathetic to Sookie’s plight, and that was tough to see.  And now he and Eric are at odds.  I’m gearing up for the vamp camp showdown.  
    What can I say … hope springs eternal as far as Bill is concerned.
    Thanks, Shad, for providing.

  3. Thanks Shad for providing this but I am a believer that Bill will come back! Maybe not be the sweet, southern gentleman everyone fell in love so many years ago but he can redeem himself. He is in a tight spot right now and nothing is working in his favor. He is a man on a mission and he is all about his “vampire business” at the moment and he doesnt have time to worry about Sookie. I believe that once this vamp camp stuff is over and they kill off that evil hussy Sarah Newlin, things can start to fix themselvesand bring Bill back!! I am hopeful for Bill to return to somewhat normal as possible.

    1. Ms Nikki I never wanted him sweet, it was the battle between his human and vampire side that made the character so interesting. He used to be multi layered and now he is a flat pancake.

      1. Okay I get what your saying. Tormented Bill was a lil better of a character but I got to say I kinda like this Im out for myself and my kind Bill too.. he is no longer a doormat because he stands up for himself… i have to say I admire that in his character too.. as for Sookie Ill always be for a pair.. whether it works out or not.. they made the best pair. Period.

      2. Ms Nikki I never liked the doormat Bill from season 2, I even called him emasculated in the Bill Chronicles I wrote back then. I am completely over Bill and Sookie, I hope they both find happiness with someone else.

  4. I have to agree with you on most parts.
    I am no longer a Bill and Sookie shipper, that ship has sailed.
    Maybe they can be some sort of friends but I don’t want them together anymore, even if Bill seeks forgiveness.
    I kind of like bad Bill, he makes a good villain.

    1. Kjat he makes an excellent villain, but it was not the villain that drew me into the story, it was a character that had both light and darkness in him. Now it seems he can only sing one tune, which includes saving Jessica whom he loves very much, so maybe he does still have a heart somewhere.

  5. You have to remember that Bill is still possessed by Lillith, he is not himself. I don’t despair, I’m hopeful.  At least Bill is fighting for something; he’s committed.  I did feel for Sookie’s plight in this episode, but what is Bill to do, let Sookie go and watch all the vampires die? He is committed and has a job to do and she isn’t helping one bit. 
    I still see our Bill inside him and I think he will return. And, it is the burden that all Bill fans have to live with, that loving him the most, means lots of sacrifice on our part.  We have to trust that our man will prevail and return to us.  Bill fans have to suffer, it’s always been that way – sad to say.

    1. lynnpd he died the true death, I doubt he will ever be himself again, too much has happened. I am sure if they all sit down together they could come to a solution that would work for everybody, but all the characters seem to have a one track mind and are unable to think of alternative solutions.

      1. ShadalizaMonterosa lynnpd i TOO doubt and also hope he will not be “himself” again. I want him to not be weaker than the other vampires, I want him to be stronger and able to defend himself and whoever he loves just like the older and stronger vampires can. I think this “died the true death” was a means to an end, the end result being his own salvation against his continual fight to keep his humanity. He can be powerful and still be gentle once the others are saved. Supreme power gives him the options he never had before….the options that he has always wanted, to be able to remember his humanity and be the man that Sookie fell in love with but also be able to protect her and Jessica. He never had those options before. I feel good about this change, it’s what’s needed in the story of Bill…strength that does not come with age like the other cruel and inhuman vampires who care nothing for humans. Hang in there Shad, it will come!  Plus, perhaps being drained by the vampires in the white room or something else could remove Lilith for all we know. She must go away at some point, perhaps residual blood in him could make the changes he wants and needs!

  6. Sad to say that I agree with you about the character of Bill. I really don’t care about him anymore. He used to be the reason I watched the show, but now the other characters are far more interesting. They sacrificed his character for the shock value of having him turn into a pile of goo last season. I still love Stephen and know he is doing the best with the crappy material he is given this season. I don’t have much hope for things to improve, but hope I will be pleasantly surprised. Karen

  7. To be honest none of Sookie’s suitors is worthy of her, if we’re judging by real world standards, including season one Bill. But True Blood isn’t the real world so who knows what may happen. I need to re-read and comment again later. I saw things in Stephen’s performance that told me he was steeling himself to be strong and firm in the conversation with Sookie. I don’t agree that Bill is just a one-dimensional character now. Not that I’m happy with the way his story is written this season (or the second part of last season).

  8. Oh, the despair I read on here! I know it’s hard but I believe we have to have FAITH in our character. The Bill from season one is gone and I for one am glad. He was weaker than other vampires and constantly being over powered, tortured by Lorena and RE, Eric fooled him and used him and Sookie both and there was absolutely nothing that Bill could do except use his intelligence and wit to out think them and he prevailed constantly. 
    Now he has the ultimate power over all of them and I imagine it is MORE than difficult to do what he is trying to do and also retain his inner core, his inner personality. I believe our character is doing a WONDERFUL job of showing us the inner turmoil and nonstop confusion of Lilith and her power over him. this is what we wanted, for Bill to be stronger and able to prevail over the others that hurt him and took away his power. 
    We know that Lilith will win for a while, BB said so, but he also said that we have our Bill still inside there and we can only KNOW THAT BILL WILL WIN OUT in the end. HE ALWAYS DOES. 
    It is hard to see Sookie’s plight and her despair, I believe she is such a wonderful actress that we are believing they are over, she is devastated on many levels and Bill is trying to do something EPIC before he loses Lilith forever. I liked the scenes of Eric and Bill, they were the old Eric bad ass and the new Bill bad ass that we have never seen together before and it was great! Now they have a common enemy, Warlow, and they both care for Sookie. 
    Remember, she cannot be turned imo, she has had a lot of vampire blood before and was never turned. I think Warlow will not be able to turn her and she will be saved by Bill and possibly Eric and the others too. But I really think she will be saved by Bill and killing Warlow is what Lilith wants. She should be satisfied by then and we can watch our Bill come back, possibly with some lingering strength that he did not have originally.
    I will NEVER give up on Bill until the FAT LADY SINGS. We have the rest of this season and we have a confirmed season seven. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ON TRUE BLOOD. 
     Buck up girls, we are the BILLSBABES and we never give in, never give up and never give away our man!

    1. booboobear Absolutely!!! Gotta stand by our main man!!! Been with him from the start and i aint about to give up on him now!!!!!!

  9. As frustrated as I am with the writers I also still see real Bill there. It’s almost always in his eyes. I mean think about it, he could have just taken Sookie against her will many times but he hasn’t. The Lillith part in him is who says the mean cold stuff. But then Bill pokes through and even occasionally takes over. The fact that he clearly paniced when he saw Jess in the vision and from that moment on he has been determined. THAT is real Bill and his compassion. Like I said, he could have forced Sookie by now if he didn’t still have a soft spot for her. Just like Eric told him. And THAT was what set the Lillith off inside him again. After that is when he spoke so cold and uncaring to Sookie. Sadly she showed up to chat at an unfortunate time. 
    Bills real self shows up in his eyes. When he saw Nora dead in Erics arms just look at the immense sadness and compassion in his eyes. And then the business side kicks right in. I completely believe Bill is having a battle raging inside him between Bill and Lillith. I’d love to see inside his head like we did the first ep. But then I guess we sort of have everytime Bill is talking with Lillith in that fuzzy dream stake like place. They ARE battling. And I believe Bill will win out.

    1. DeepPurple64 I completely agree with you! We ARE seeing our old Bill in almost every scene. He is a phenomenal actor and just looking at his eyes and facial expressions during the sad scenes like Nora’s death tells us that he is in there. Lilith does not care, but BILL DOES. He cares about Jessica, the other vampires and his whole vampire race. He CARES. That is our Bill. He is NOT gone.

  10. Maybe I am seeing it all a bit too negative today, could be the heat ;) But this is how I felt after this episode, hopefully I will feel more positive next week.

  11. I’m not sure that Bill and Sookie will find their way back to one another.  But I haven’t given up hope.  We have two more episodes in Season 6 and all of Season 7.  If they don’t, I can live with that as long as Bill regains most if not all of his humanity-driven persona.

  12. Shad, I hope the heat in Italy lets up! I think there is plenty of “our Bill” being served up this season Bill told Sookie that she was dead to him, but when her life was actually in danger, he released Warlow to rescue her. He put her well being over his ‘save the vampires’ mission. If Eric hadn’t just reminded Bill that Sookie literally put a stake through his heart and tried to deliver the true death, he may have been more sympathetic to her “might have to a vampire/fairy bride” plight. ‘Come on, what kind of character has sympathy for someone who made an attempt to murder him? I also agree with those who have pointed out the compassionate looks Bill shared with Nora and even the sympathetic looks he gave Eric. Yes, he wanted to get back to business because a lot more vampire lives are at stake (no pun intended.). Bill is still torn between his human values and his vampire nature. The later part has just been intisfied since Lilith became part of his being. I like this Bill a lot more than the ass that was in command at the Authority last season I really believe the writers have been working hard to bring a little more of our Bill back each episode. Bill is still for me. : )

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