The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.06 – “Do You Feel Me”

Bill may have said to Sookie that she is dead to him, but that doesn’t mean that he would prevent her from dying if he could. When Sookie takes a plunge in the lake, Bill senses her mortal fear and distress and speaks her name with a worried look on his face. Benlow doesn’t feel a thing, because Sookie hasn’t had his blood, so he cannot tap into her feelings. It’s obvious that Bill will not let her drown, so who will come to her rescue? Bill lets Ben go so he could save her and he pulls her out of the water just in time. But Bill is not prepared to let Ben go of course and he summons him back, so forcefully that Ben starts spitting blood. It is interesting that Ben refers to Bill as Lilith, he only sees him/her as his maker and not as Bill Compton. When Sookie escapes with Ben to Faery Land, Bill can no longer sense Ben and he fears that his summoning might have killed him. He runs up to Jessica’s room to ask her how close she came to being killed when he summoned her, only to find that his progeny’s room is empty and Jessica has disappeared. He calls out to Lilith, but she doesn’t answer.



Bill turns to Takahashi to put him in a coma and hopefully allow him to communicate with Lilith in that state. He asks the professor to nearly drain him from all his blood and transfuse it all back into his body the next day. It works and the three bloody Lilith wannabees appear and take him to her. But as a true divinity Lilith presents Bill with riddles instead of answers to his questions. Bill says that he never asked for any of this, but that is a bit hypocritical of him. He fought hard and killed for the price of Lilith’s blood and now he must live with the choices he has made. He tries to put the blame on her for everything that is going wrong, but she will not here of it. “It is all on you, William Compton. Do not come to me seeking answers again.” So much for Lilith’s support.



When Bill wakes up the TV turns on again, just like last time. The news item talks about Governor Burrell and that Tru Blood is being produced again and will be on the shelves shortly. Bill realizes that the key to saving Jessica is Burrell. Bill decides to drink the blood of Ben and it has the effect that he was hoping for: he can walk in the sun and pay a daytime visit to the governor. Bill puts several of his most impressive and useful powers on display as he takes the bullets fired laughing and makes the guards shoot each other. The governor is impressed but he refuses to give up the location of vamp camp and prefers to die as a martyr for the cause of vampire extinction. Bill takes his head.



  1. Thanks, Shad.  Well summarized.  I was wondering why Bill didn’t feel Jessica’s fear when she was taken to vamp camp.  He had no idea she was out of the house until he saw her empty bedroom.  He did send Benlow to save Sookie.  He does care … she’s not really dead to him.  Does Bill know that Sookie and Benlow escaped to Fairy Land?  I wasn’t really clear on that.  I’m more than ready to see the last of Lilith.  She was no help at all to Bill.  She charged him with saving his kind, but isn’t willing to give advice when he needs it.   Both have a stake in this (no pun intended).  Lilith made a poor choice in turning Benlow; Bill wanted Lilith’s blood and fought Salome for it.  Both have responsibility for saving the vamps.  Sounds like Lilith has abdicated hers.  Glad Bill took matters into his own hands with the governor.  All his powers were on display, and that was rather awesome.  Was his walk in the sun temporary, or is it a permanent thing?  Can’t wait to find out.

  2. Bill is so smart and to have turned to Lilith was natural but then she refused to help him and was actually very nasty about it. She IS responsible for turning Warlow and was very foolish in that part. Just because GOD told her of “a creature like him that would save the vampires” did not mean she had picked the right “creature”. If she was as smart as she thought she was she would have resisted the Fae smell until she was more knowledgeable. Now she is just pissy about putting the responsibility onto Bill. But in this instance she may have chosen the right one! I, too, wondered why Bill did not feel Jessica’s fear at the camp, but now that he knows where she is I feel like they are already saved. I am also awed by the way he defeated the Governor and his guards. THAT PART WAS WONDERFUL! To have sent Ben to save Sookie was very magnanimous of him too, but their escape to the Fae portal place was either smart of Sookie or very very ignorant. cannot tell yet, but it kept Bill from calling Ben back. for a time. I wonder if Sookie will ever realize that it was Bill who saved her life and not really Ben? She ignores Bill’s sacrifices for her, over and over. I will admit I was left with a feeling of “wrongness” at the very end. Sookie may have made the wrong decision with Ben…..

  3. I’m enjoying this season, it just raises more questions than it answers for me. I’m not getting to re-watch each week, so that’s not helping. My big question from the episode re Mr C is this: why can’t he feel Jessica and is that related to the title of the episode? I know he’s part Lilith now, and maybe that’s not helping, but if he felt Sookie’s distress and knew where to send Warlow to save her, why didn’t he feel Jess’s panic and why can’t he find Jess? Does distance enter into it? Is the vamp camp in Baton Rouge near the governor, and is that too far? Because Russell could feel Talbot in Mississippi. And Jackson and Baton Rouge are comparable distances from Bill’s house.  I’m not as big a fan of laughing-off bullets and head-ripping Bill as lots of people are. I did love to watch him striding into the garden. That was really sexy (until the laughing and bullets).

  4. I was confused that Bill could not feel Jessica and appeared unable to track her. Does vamp camp have a shield of some sort? Real Bill obviously still loves Sookie though I am not so sure she deserves his love and devotion. He released his prized captive with a command to rescue her yet again.   Why is she so convinced Bill would kill Warlow and why should she care?  Bill had not been on a killing spree or any sort of rampage since returning home. I also do not understand Lilith’s lack  of guidance  as she wants Bill to fulfill her mission . A mission she has had for thousands of years. All she offers is 3 bloody sirens delivery service. As usual Bill can only rely on himself.
    No one can swagger like Bill Compton. He walked into the governor’s garden like he owned the place.  Now I love romantic and sweet Bill but he is a vampire and I like to see that side of him as well when it is required.  No other vamp that we have seen can do badass like Bill.  I was impressed and pleased Bill showed that egotistical little jerk who really is in charge.

  5. Perhaps Lilith was angry because Bill let Warlow get away to save the “blonde” without thinking to tell him “as your maker I command you to come right back here to me” …..? Could this be the reason she was so pissy to him? Since he cannot feel either of them in the Fae portal, she may think Warlow is lost to them. at least for a while.

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