The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.05 – F**k the Pain Away

Bill’s storyline picks up where we left off last week with a hysterical Jessica and a room full of dead faerie girls. Jessica is completely high on faerie blood and her emotions are all over the place and she can’t even think straight anymore. As a result she throws herself at Bill and kisses him on the mouth. Jessica and Bill have always had a father-daughter relationship, without any sexual tension, unlike so many other makers and their progenies, and this kiss feels wrong on so many levels. Bill feels the same way and stops her immediately by pushing her away.



In the meantime at Sookie’s house Ben/Warlow’s lovemaking has been interrupted and Sookie hits him with a light ball when he tells her that her parents tried to kill her. Ben cries out in pain and at the same moment also Bill cringes with pain and he sees flashes of memories from Lilith and Ben. He runs over to Sookie’s house where Sookie is just lecturing Ben and she assumes Bill is there to save her. But he is not there for her, he is there for Ben and as his maker he commands Ben to come with him.

The blood of Lilith that Bill drank is so powerful that it gives Bill power over Lilith’s progeny Ben, he also talks about Lilith in the first person, as if he were in fact her. He explains to Ben that he is a prophet in her name, how he drank her blood and inherited her memories. In 3500 BC Lilith turned Ben because she foresaw that he would be destined to save vampire-kind. Bill takes Ben’s unique vampire-faerie blood for professor Takahashi to study.



Unfortunately he left Ben in the same room as Takahashi, giving Ben the opportunity to take the poor professor hostage in an attempt to escape. Lilith speaks through Bill as we are taken back for another flashback into Ben’s past where we see how he killed his village and Lilith. Ben has no intention to cooperate and thus fulfilling the prophecy to save the vampire species. And this could only mean battle between these two most powerful creatures of the entire show.



It seems that the writers are recreating another Bill with the character of Ben. Both men were turned against their will, both struggle with their dark site and both love or loved Sookie. Now that Bill has become Billith, it looks like Ben is being set up to fill the void he has left as Sookie’s lover.


  1. I was very glad that Bill recognized Jessica’s advances for what they were (she was high on fairy blood) and pushed her away.  So Bill has enough of Lilith’s blood to command Benlow as his maker.  Will he be able to keep the professor safe and Benlow obedient to his commands?  I agree that Ben and Bill, two powerful beings, will be at war with one another.  I look for that war to continue throughout the season.  It’s all about trust and truth for Sookie.  Will she believe Benlow’s story about her parents’ intentions to kill her and subsequently, Benlow’s stepping in to save her life?  If so, then she may indeed accept him as her lover.  But honestly, I think it will only be a temporary acceptance.  Just my gut feeling.
    Thanks, Shad, for your insights.  They are always much appreciated.

  2. Not sure how they came up with the idea that her parents were trying to kill Sookie because all along (5 seasons) they have said Sookie and Jason were staying with Gran when her parents died on the flooded bridge.

    1. porcinelove I think it would be reasonable to assume that Ben will say that he brought Sookie back with the “light water” that Claudine said she had had before and then he glamored both Jason and Gran and possibly Sookie to forget that (or she forgot this at her young age) and replaced the memories with them being at Gran’s when he killed their parents. Jason has always felt “guilt” at not being old enough to babysit Sookie and it’s why they were on the bridge. that part sucks if he was glamored and makes Ben look really bad in my eyes. I am not at all happy with this story line part, as Gran has always been the epitome of an “Angel” to me and most fans. She could have or not known about the contract being put under the floor boards of her bedroom but it makes no sense for them to NOW five years later come up with this implausible story of her parents killing her to “save” her from a vampire. I don’t like that part at all, it does nothing good for the story and only makes Ben look like a “good Psychopath”. I don’t care for the change in what they have always told us was fact. but it is what it is.

      1. booboobear porcinelove Yes, I also don’t care for the change in what they have told us for 5 years but I guess they will say whatever they need to make the story work. I also don’t like that now they are saying sunlight instantly makes a vampire go up in flames when we know from season 1 that is not the case and Bill even tells Sookie when they are in his car parked at Fangtasia  that it wouldn’t happen like that. But now, that is what happens. That is the story evolving, I guess.

    2. porcinelove Was Sookie still in the truck of the car on that bridge? Did Claudine bring her back home? It all seems a little confusion to me.

  3. Shad, you have done it once again! Totally succinct and completely perfect outline of the episode. 
    Poor Jessica! She is carrying so much guilt and it’s not her or Bill’s fault, imo. But then I think that Maurella was at the center of this part too, she said to Andy to be certain that at least “half of them lived to adulthood”….i am wondering if she had any sight of the future and deliberately bred with a descendant of Bill’s…?

    I LOVE that Ben is Billith’s progeny and that Bill can command his actions. I don’t think Professor Takahashi is really in any danger since I believe Bill will be able to stop him. Or will be able to replace the Professor. At least Ben is in jail, and away from Sookie!
    Thanks Shad! four star chronicle once again!

  4. Thanks Shad, well done.    I am truly enjoying this season but I am not getting enough Bill in each episode. Bill has a dual personality since drinking the blood of Lilith. For the most part he is consumed with fulfilling the prophecy to save the vampire species. Even without Lilith’s influence Bill would be trying to come up with a plan. That is just Bill. Time after time he has had to devise a plan of action for one rescue or another. He is the romantic hero after all.Thankfully we do catch a glimpse of pre-Lilith Bill, our Bill, when he is with Jessica. I do not believe Bill intended any harm to come to Andy’s girls. He did not lash out at Jessica for her transgression and deftly extracted himself from her fairy induced sexual launch. Yet another example of how Bill differs from other vampires. He has never had a sexual interest in his progeny. Their relationship is sacred as maker and child and now confidants as well. I love their scenes.

    1. It says my post was too long so I ‘m replying to myself to post the rest. LOL  I know I do go on about Bill.
      Ben is Bilith’s bitch. Loved that scene so much and Sookie was left spinning her light ball in her undies totally baffled. How funny was that? If the writers are trying to create another Bill in Ben as you say. I’m not feeling it. Ben holds no appeal to me whatsoever.  It’s Bill Compton or nothing. Wannabe need not apply.
      Perhaps Warlow is imitating Bill to attract Sookie.
      I am hoping by season’s end we will have our Bill back though I do not mind him keeping some of Lilith’s powers. Bill not being vunerable to staking and his flying and increased strength is not so bad.

      1. Willkill4Bill I didn’t even know there was a limit to the length of a comment, will check the settings to see if I can do anything about that.
        I am also sure he never wanted any harm to come to those girls. I too love the Bill-Jessica scenes, those two work so well together and we do get to see the old Bill when he is with her.

    2. Willkill4Bill I agree, Bill is not like other vampires and he never has been. That is what makes him the Bill we all love.

  5. I think Sookie seriously needs to think about getting back with Bill. I mean, with all those extra powers he now has, imagine what new powers he might have in bed! Come on Sookie, you know you’d enjoy it and you know we all want to watch.

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