The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.04 – At Last

One of the best True Blood episodes I have seen in all 6 seasons. Kudos to Alex Woo who did it again.
An amazing, action packed episode with big leaps forward for many of the storylines, except for Bill’s. He spent most of his time in the Compton Mansion working on his master plan to save the vampires.


After sniffing out Andy’s faerie children Bill and Jessica head over to the Bellefleur mansion to check them out. To their surprise they see four young women dressed up as Arlene wannabees come out and take the patrol car out for a spin. At the Grab It Quick Jessica convinces them to come over to the Compton mansion to party.

Bill has no intention of hurting the faerie girls and gets a blood sample from one of them voluntarily. It turns out that Bill picked up some Japanese during his many travels, but professor Takahashi is not impressed, as he is being held captive in the basement where a complete science lab has been set up for him. Bill asks him to analyze, replicate and synthesize the faerie blood in order to save the vampire species from extinction. Unfortunately this task turns out to be a difficult one and Takahashi needs more blood and time, time that is running out fast, as the faerie girls want to go home now. Bill turns of the charm as the professor starts protesting and makes it very clear who is boss by making the poor fellow float in the air.


Jessica is screaming upstairs and Bill runs to her. He discovers her in a hysterical state and four dead faerie sisters are lying on the floor. I really hope those poor girls are only drained a bit and not dead. Jessica was afraid that Bill would not be able to control himself around the tasty smelling faeries, but it was Jessica who completely lost it and feasted on their intoxicating blood. She identified with those young girls and not she is hit hard with the reality again that she is not human anymore and capable of murder. Bill looks around the room in total shock: this is bad, this is so very bad. What the hell are they going to do now?



  1. Well done, Shad.  I, too, am hoping that the girls aren’t dead.  But it surely doesn’t look good for them.  Jessica is devastated … she never dreamed she would be the one to lose control; Bill is shocked; how long will it be before Andy arrives on the scene, demanding to see his girls.  Bill didn’t harm them other than to take blood samples from two of the sisters.  I didn’t think he would but am glad it played out that way.  Now what?  It’s going to hit the fan if they are really and truly dead.  And … the fairy blood is unstable outside the host.  Looks like it will be back to the drawing board for Bill and the professor.

  2. When Claude had his life ended by Niall, he turned into a pile of dust. Andy’s girls are still in their human form. I’m really hoping that they’re not dead, but just a little drained. Wishful thinking?

    1. Bills4me I think it’s because they’re half human. I would love for them to be clinging to life but I’m not betting on it.

  3. Thanks for continuing the story. I agree with your interpretation. I wish I could like the episode more, but terrible things are happening to the characters I care about and it’s going to take a miracle to stop things from getting worse next week. 
    On the bright side, Stephen looks great in the wardrobe. I love the sweaters. He probably got to spend a lot of time with the twins in their tricked-out trailer and could memorize all his lines in time it took to walk between makeup and the set, no photographic memory required. And I just feel so awful about the outlook for Bill, Jess and Tara that I feel guilty for even mentioning the sweater. I care about Sookie too, but she seems engrossed with New Bill now so I will concentrate on Bill Classic. I hope it will be the real thing that will continue on to the next season.

    1. So Bill was so Bill-like this episode, except for when he levitated the professor that I forgot  about the Lilith part of him. By New Bill I meant Ben, not “Bilith.”

  4. Great recap Shad. 
    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode because we have come home “at last”.I am fan of Alexander Woo’s writing. I’d like more Bill but I’m insatiable regarding Bill as y’all well know.
    I agree Bill did not mean for any harm to come to the girls.  He neither frightened, coerced or imprisoned them. It’s unfortunate but desperate times often call for desperate measures. The visions have revealed what is to come probably sooner than later. A solution must be found.
    Jessica is devastated and Bill looked so shocked. How they with deal with this I have no idea. Poor Andy will show up any time. I’m not sure Bill has any familial connection/feelings towards Andy (as we were robbed of that reveal) but it’s sadder because it involves family.

  5. I LOVE these “Bill Chronicles” and LOVE your recaps too! You always write just what I am thinking and then add more great stuff of your own! Love how you put the whole thing into a perspective of “neutral” sort of. Your questions are like the icing on the cake to me, they are what everyone wants to know. 
    I am just as worried for the girls as everyone else is but the spoilers only bring up more questions, how many, all? one? half? What will Andy do? What will Bill do? Will Jessica survive this? god, I hope so. I love jess. Andy should have had an alarm on his house since he’s in law enforcement, he knew they were growing up overnight, but being a single, first time Dad is no picnic I know. This took everyone by surprise! 
    Are we at the halfway point now? this coming week….not so interested in Ben as I am Bill and the girls. Sookie is off my radar right now too. We have plenty of time for her to realize she is in deep doodoo with Warlow and needs Bill’s help. He’s busy, too busy for her right now.

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