The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.03 – You’re No Good

Bill Compton True Blood

On this week’s True Blood, Bill and Jessica continue their conversation about Bill being able to see future events, but what he sees are just glimpses, he doesn’t know who is responsible or where and when the events will take place. Nevertheless Bill is determined to try and stop it, not only because that’s what’s Lilith wants him to do, but also because Jessica was one of the burning vampires in his vision and he would do anything to keep his progeny safe.

In his vision where Bill spoke with Lilith they were standing in the sun and he could feel the warmth on his skin. Bill sees this as a sign that he has become a day walker after drinking the blood of Lilith, immortal and he decides to go outside and await the sunrise. Jessica begs him not to do it; he is her world, her father, her maker and her friend, but she is unable to stop him.

Bill Compton True Blood


The problem with prophesies from dead vampire goddesses is that the meaning is not always clear, and one could easily misinterpret the signs. Isn’t that right Bill? He thinks he is immortal because he survived a staking, but meeting the sun is a whole different kind of crazy. I didn’t expect Bill to be able to withstand the sun, he is powerful, but he is still a vampire, not a god. He does catch on fire very fast for such a young vampire, remember in the first season when he walked out to save Sookie and he burnt very slowly. Bill barely manages to make it back into the house, where Jessica puts him out with a blanket. Bill doesn’t understand, he is still completely lost comprehending his new powers and his limitations.

Bill Compton Jessica True Blood

All healed after a good day’s sleep Bill wakes up and when he opens his eyes you can just tell that he has a plan. On his way out the door, Jessica stops him and convinces him to let her help him, he agrees and tells her to go fetch the Japanese scientist who invented Tru Blood.

In the meantime Bill goes knocking on Sookie’s door. Sookie is very suspicious and won’t even open the door, Bill tells her that he needs her help or Jessica, Pam, Eric, Tara and many other will die the true death. But of course she doesn’t believe him when he says that he has seen the future and she doesn’t want to invite him in the house. But Bill plays by a different set of rules now and he enters her house without an invitation.

This makes me wonder about Warlow. He is Lilith’s progeny, so he drank her blood, as did Bill. Does this mean that Warlow doesn’t need an invitation to enter a mortal’s home? That would make a total sitting duck of Sookie.

Bill Compton Sookie True Blood


Jason comes running to the rescue but Bill pins him down to the wall with the power of his mind. Bill wants Sookie’s blood to the Japanese scientist could synthesize it. What does he want to obtain by that? Does he want to walk in the day light with the help of her blood?
Bill tells her that she will come with him, whether she wants or not to save Jessica and because it’s demanded of him. After he unsuccessful plates throwing Sookie plays the “if what we had ever meant anything to you” card again, girl friend that card smells like a three day’s old fish and has it ever worked? I don’t remember.
When Sookie refuses him her blood, he replies that she is now dead to him. “I’m good with that.”

So what happened to taking her blood with or without her permission? She might be dead to him now, but apparently he still loves/respects/tolerates her enough not to take it from her with force.

On his way back home Bill is stopped by Sherriff Bellefleur because he is breaking the vampire curfew. Bill picks up a scent that comes from a stuffed animal in the back of Andy’s car, it’s from one of his daughters, his faery daughters. Sookie is not the only faery in town and Bill sees another opportunity to obtain synthesized fae blood.

Bill Compton Andy Bellefleur True Blood


  1. I’m still rooting that we will somehow either get out old Bill back or the new Bill will be a kinder/gentler prophet or immortal. I was shocked to hear him say, “You are dead to me Sookie Stackhouse.” since I still had hope of the two getting back together.  There is still hope though because anything in True Blood is possible, right?  Great synopsis of Bill’s scenes Shad.

  2. Thanks for providing, Shad.  Well done.  Bill may have said to Sookie “you’re dead to me,” and she responded with “I’m good with that” … but I think these two are not finished with each other.  Not by a long shot.  I believe Bill changed his mind about forcing Sookie when he recalled what they had been to each other.  He still has respect and affection for Sookie.  I’m not sure what she’s feeling for Bill right now.  She’s probably fairly confused by what he has become.
    The following is not original with me but was suggested by someone else … drinking Lilith’s blood aged Bill considerably, to the point where he burst into flames immediately (as did Godric).  As a younger vampire in Season 1 he smoldered and crisped during his walk to save Sookie.  We saw no flames.
    Shad, good point about Warlow maybe being able to enter Sookie’s house the way Bill did.  As Lilith’s progeny, he (Warlow) had a great deal of her blood.  I hope his entering at will won’t be the case.   When Warlow tried to break through in last season’s finale it seems he had not entered their world yet.  Now he’s in according to Niall.
    I was happy to see Jess and Bill working together, although I worry about the poor professor.  But at least Bill is not trying to go it alone.
    Will Bill harm Andy’s girls?  He’s learned they are part fae, and can provide the blood he needs for synthesizing.  He told Sookie he needed her blood but would not hurt her.  I’m hoping if he goes after 1, 2, 3 or 4, the same will hold true.  After all, they are kin … sort of.
    I’m trying to keep in mind that Bill is motivated by a desire to save his species.  How this will turn out and who will be hurt in the process is a big question mark.

  3. The push-pull of Bill and Billith was in full force last night. 
    Glimpses of Billith:
    -Getting pretty nasty with Sookie after she refused him. Saying she was dead to him was a punch in the gut. I really can’t blame her here. After all she has been through, and seen Bill go through so far this season, she has every right to refuse him. I loved her assertiveness. Old Bill would have tried anything to keep Sookie safe and not want her blood. He would have remembered the last time he took too much, she almost died.
    -Hatching a plan to go after Andy’s girls once he sniffed them out as fae’s. And much moreso than Sookie. I hope they don’t meet a painful end.

    Glimpses of Bill:
    -Doing anything he can to save Jess (despite what I just said about his methods). I so loved their interactions. Jessica was so sweet with Bill after his disastrous walk in the sun. Steve played Bill’s astonishment and confusion to a tee, btw.
    – He didn’t force the issue with Sookie about her blood, despite him telling her he would.

    So, we have both sides of Bill, fighting against one another, imo. I can dig that. It’s great for the storyline, and will certainly come to a head at some point. I’m confident that the old Bill will win out in the end. I really am.

  4. Bill consistently champions a cause.  In the beginning of the series it was mainstreaming, and Sookie. 
    Now his focus is Jessica’s survival, as well as all vampires.   He may be a super-vampire, but he is still fighting for something, for someone…for a worthwhile reason.
    Good recap, Shad, thank you.

  5. I’m not sure what the reason in the S6 version of TB that he caught fire so quickly. If it’s the age of the vampire thing then I guess being rebuilt with the mixture of his and Lilith’s blood is the reason and I guess that makes the most sense. If it was only the residual effects of Sookie blood in S1 E12 that slowed the burn, then Tara would have gone up in flames last season too because she hasn’t had Sookie’s blood (yet). Bill was confident he wouldn’t burn, and for seemingly logical reasons, but even if he had doubts he wouldn’t have expected to ignite immediately like that, he probably figured he’d get back inside with blisters. He walked all the way to the graveyard once before he was charred like that and without a flame. There is a part of me that just thinks it’s another one of those times that they are changing things for convenience. All the vampires in his vision, regardless of age and whether they had ever consumed fairy blood burst into flames at the same time. Ancient Eric and baby Jess ignited together. Of course, Bill might not really be seeing the future at all, or not exactly as it will happen. But really, I think they just want this to be the way it works this season, just because they say so. It’s not the first time (effects of silver) they’ve changed things.
    I truly hope the fairy girls will be treated well. Or at least that he intends to treat them well. It would not make sense to kill them after all. I’m still worried.

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