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True Blood

True Blood

When Bill’s body got jumped by 3 bloody women with enormous bushes, I feared that these Lilith wannabees would take over his body and mind and use him as a tool for their purposes. I was glad to see that this was not the case and Bill has not become a puppet of Lilith.

Bill can feel the pain of all the vampires in True Blood, he sees images of vampires being whipped with chains, set on fire and being dragged behind a car. Bill is crying and very upset that he is incapable of helping these poor creatures. Jessica holds him as he collapses to the floor into a catatonic state. In another dimension of his mind Bill is lead over a green meadow to meet Lilith. She tells him that it is beginning and that events have been set in motion. “A tyrant is rising; it is the beginning of the end and you must complete my work.” She also explains to him that she is no god and neither is he; there is no god but God.

True Blood

It’s day in the meantime and Bill has been in this state for hours and Jessica is getting desperate. She got him a woman to feed from the Human Edibles service, but Bill still doesn’t even do so much as blink. When the woman is about to leave something really weird happens. Her body twist and turns in all kind of very unnatural and extremely painful positions while she is drawn to Bill. After he put her in front of him with the power of his mind, he sucks her dry in the most disturbing way, while Jessica freaks out completely. I really feel for this girl, she stood by her maker, but she has no idea what he is capable of.

True Blood

When she comes back from burring the body, Bill is still in the same state and she tries to talk to him to try to get through to him. “You said you could feel the pain of all vampires? I was wondering if you could feel mine.” In her desperation she wonder if he is Lilith or if he is God and she gets down on her knees and prays to Bill as if he was God. She asks him to bless her friends and watch over them.

In the meantime Lilith tells Bill that he must save all vampires and that he will know what to do. Bill snaps out of his catatonic state and the TV turns on, they see a news item about a vampire being dragged behind a car. The visions that Bill have, are not visions of the past, but visions of the future. One of Bill’s new powers is that he can see the future. And it ain’t pretty. We see Jessica, Tara, Pam, Eric and numerous other vampires in grey jumpsuits, locked up and being burned by the sun.

True Blood


  1. A quick aside … sometimes the livefyre pop up works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It worked here, and for that I am grateful.
    Well done, Shad.  Both Bill and Jessica are suffering.  A huge responsibility has been laid on him by Lilith … he must complete her work.  At least we now know he is not a god, nor is Lilith.  Only God is God.  Jess doesn’t know how to help him.  She needs him now more than ever.  Her prayer was beautiful and touching.

    The feeding scene was bizarre.  No wonder Jessica freaked out.   Poor Bill.  He can see into the future, and it is horrific.  Vampires are being burned and tortured.  And he can do nothing about it.  I’m thinking he’s going to try very hard to do something about it.
    Lilith needs to invest in some underwear.  I’m just sayin.’

  2. GREAT RECAP! I think you hit all the important points. I do think that Eric does “GOOFY” better than anyone, tho. lol.
    I really loved Jessica’s prayer’s and the writer Angela Robinson, also. She has written a couple of my favorite episodes and she says that DAW ask if she could add Hoyt to her prayers. I think that’s very astute of the actress to realize it is what her character would have done. The “edible woman” that Bill fed on was a very strange scene, not as bad as some have been but definitely a new power for him along with the “future sight”. All in all I loved this episode and your Chronicle’s is turning out to be a favorite of mine! thanks!

  3. I enjoyed this episode a lot.  I considered it a building of what’s to come episode. I am not sure why Lillith says “the end is coming” though.  End of what, the world? The Vampires? I know Bill is to stop the abuse of vampires, but is he more than a prophet? Great review Shad, I enjoyed reding it again. Thanks.

  4. This was definitely an informational episode, and while Billl was catatonic for a large chunk of it, I still enjoyed. I’m so intrigued by “Billith” and what he is/plans to do. If his vision is accurate, there’s some bad stuff happening to our vampires this season. Hopefully Bill can save the day! With a big assist from Jess, of course. Love them.

    1. ThelLou His visions left me scared of what is to come….even tho he was so beautiful and good to see him again.

  5. Great recap, Shad. Bill’s visions of the vamps being burned and tortured was scary. If Lilith’s words are the truth, how will Bill and his new powers save the vamps? Obviously he is key, but how? I’m looking forward to more of this being played out.
    I think the tyrant Lillith was talking about is Warlow. I’m betting Bill will be the only one to take him down.
    I absolutely loved Bill and Jessica’s interactions.
    The whole scene with the blood donor was creepy!! And poor Jess for having witnessed it.

    1. Cherie B I agree that the tyrant HAS to be Warlow. since Russell is gone there really is no other option for a “tyrant” except Warlow. 
      I also absolutely loved Bill and Jessica’s interactions. She showed her loyalty and strength when he needed it most, imo. 
      I can’t wait til next week! too fast gone and yet not nearly fast enough between episodes. lol.

  6. Thank you! I’m glad you’re continuing the chronicles this season. I just don’t know what to think yet about Bill and what he’s becoming, and I’m really worried for Jessica. I can’t even decide if Lilith is kind of good or all bad. Last year it seemed obvious, this year not so much.

  7. Thanks Shad . I always appreciate a chance to talk about Bill.
    This episode had a FYI feel to it for me. Sort of getting us to speed a bit and a tad bit of what is to come.
    At long last we now know what Bill has become. A prophet/oracle whose visions will help to save the Vampires. Yet again Bill is burden with a seemingly insurmountable task. You’d think Lilith could have given him a heads up on his new powers and how to harness them. I can’t have enough Bill and Jessica scenes. Mesmerizing duo. Bill’s draining of that woman was freaky. I feel so sorry for Jess I just want to hug her and reassure her. Her prayer was so beautiful and heartfelt.
    I hate that Bill must feel all the pain and anguish of the suffering vamps. He has enough of his own to deal with.Obviously Bill will be key in destroying Warlow. The other vamps best come to their senses quickly and stop trying to figure out how to eliminate Bill. As always they need him.
    Can’t wait for next week.

    1. Willkill4Bill “I am a vampire, I am SUPPOSED to be tormented!”
      dont’cha just love him? He’s always been the HERO!

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