The Bill Chronicles: True Blood Episode 6.01 – Who Are You Really?

Welcome back Billsbabes to the Bill Compton Chronicles. It’s been a long wait for us Bill fans from the bloody disturbing way things were left in the Season 5 finale until last night where we finally discovered what Bill is or isn’t.

But did we actually learn what Bill is? I am as confused as I was 9 months ago when he rose from his own goo after drinking Lilith’s blood and disintegrating right before our very eyes.

There have been a lot of emotions and speculations in the Bill fandom regarding Billith and this first episode may have put our minds at ease a bit, at least Bill is not a blood covered zombie-vampire god, but it is still not clear what Bill is exactly.

The episode picks up right where we left off in the season finale and Bill runs around covered in blood, sounding more like a creature from the Jurassic Park franchise than a vampire god who has just risen from the undead. While the mixed gang of vamps and humans escape from the burning Authority building, they stop to watch Bill while he walks among the flames, lifts off and flies away into the night like a rocket.



Sookie and Eric realize that if Bill wanted to kill them they would be dead already, he let them get away. While Eric and Nora are debating on whether Bill is Lillith in some form, Jessica is worried about the fate of her maker.

She asks Sookie is she still loves Bill.
“Bill was my first….everything. Loving him is just in my blood now.”
“Mine too.”

But Sookie saw him die and that thing that he is now, is not Bill and she things that they would have to let him go.

If I were Sookie, I would want to find out first what he is before I’d kick him to the curb. But with Sookie you are either in or you’re out, there is no grey area possible there.

Even if Jessica would be willing to let Bill go, he sure has no intentions of letting her go, he summons her with so much power that he almost rips his poor progeny in half. Obviously Bill is not aware of the effect his new powers have. Sookie decides to bring Jessica to Bill.



They find Bill outside on the terrace of the Compton Mansion, all washed clean, wearing our favorite white Henley and looking as fine as ever.  Eric and Nora come flying in and Eric tries to stake Bill, he struggles to keep the stake away from his heart and puts his hand on Eric’s throat. Sookie plants a stake in Bill’s back, she does is so forcefully that it comes out again through his chest.  Did she do this in an attempt to save Eric? His undead life was not in any danger, what was Bill going to do, choke him to death? To everybody’s surprise Bill does not turn into vampire goo, but removes the stake and lives. Bill does not mean to do any of them harm, but if they force him to defend himself again they will be sorry.

Six Seasons after Bill asked Sookie now it is her turn to ask him: “What are you?” Apparently he is still Bill Compton, but like an enhanced version. Bill 2.0. It’s also good to hear that he has abandoned the Lilith religion, that man is gone. Sookie wants him gone altogether and suggest he leaves town that very night. Jessica stands up for her maker and tells Sookie, Eric and Nora to beat it. Bill is very pleased and proud of Jessica for standing by him.



What follows is another touching scene between Bill and his progeny. Time and time again Stephen and Deborah Ann knock it straight out of the ballpark. We learn about another new power of Bill, he can move objects with his mind. Bill doesn’t know what he is and why he is. He seems to be as confused as we all are. Jessica is still very worried and afraid of Bill, but when he asks her to keep him honest and not let his new found power go to his head, her mind is put at ease and she realizes that Billith still has Bill Compton’s heart.



After kissing Jessica goodnight, Bill tries to relax with a book, but violent images in his mind disturb his peace… and a voice is calling his name… In his study he finds Lilith covered and blood and she brought two friends as well. They jump on Bill and enter his body. Ding dong the witch is not that yet. Lilith is back and that promises nothing good for Bill, I fear.



  1. Well done, Shad.  My first thought at seeing Bill on the porch of the Compton mansion was profound relief.  He was de-gooed and wearing that beautiful white henley.  It was a far cry from the crazed bloody vampire-god who set the Authority building on fire.  Bill doesn’t know who he is or the extent of his powers.  He’s got some new ones, that’s for sure:  he can fly, a staking doesn’t kill him; he can move objects with his mind.  We’ll probably find out all about other new powers the same time Bill does.  He said on the porch that he saw things so differently now.  I wonder what he meant by that.

    I loved the Bill-Jessica scenes.  I think Jess calmed down a little, seeing Bill acting “normal” and wanting her to remain with him.  And not only that, but to advise him and help keep him honest.  That’s a tall order.  I hope she can do it.  Both Jess and Sookie confessed that they were afraid of Bill when they talked on the beach.  Hopefully, Jessica’s fear has lessened somewhat.  
    I’m waiting to see what will happen to Bill now that his body has been entered by what appeared to be three different Lilith manifestations.   That does not bode well for our Mr. Compton.

    1. we see him sitting there pristine and dressed as if any of us BillsBabes had laid his clothes out for him. ~sigh~
      So handsome he made my ♥ skip a beat

      1. ShadalizaMonterosaWillkill4Bill
        so good to have Bill back and in a white Henley :)
         THAT was so true and sounded so good it was worth repeating! :-)

      2. Willkill4Bill I would PAY to lay his clothes out for him. I bid on an auction long ago for that first white Henley and lost by lots of dollars. This one, with the hole in it, who knows…

        Perhaps if I were his “butler” for the day I could possibly find him something warm and soft and …
        dreaming again just from your comment. LOL.

  2. Well done, Shad, very well done! I am still trying to take it all in, re-watching and absorbing but I am every single time still shocked that Sookie STAKED HIM and instead of dying he simply pulls the stake out and asks: “Can we talk now?”…
    very good recap on your part. succinct and to the point!

      1. ShadalizaMonterosa booboobear I TOTALLY agree! Sookie and other halflings must be color blind is all I can think: she only sees in “black and white”. There is never any middle ground with her, she jumps to conclusions constantly and does things without thinking that are huge things, huge decisions that SHOULD take at least a second or two to think about before reacting. Eric was NOT in any danger, it was obvious and he was the aggressor trying to kill Bill. Bill was just showing that he was stronger than Eric and he simply held him at bay was enough for me to immediately know that he was not going to Kill Eric or it would have been done so fast that Sookie could NOT have staked Bill. She is blind so often, and it’s usually to Bill’s detriment. She never gives him any credit and is harder on him than she is on anyone else in the world. I believe she still loves him deeply or she would not be so angry with him still and not angry with Eric or even Jason who is simply stupid. If Sookie were not still totally in love with Bill she would have let him go long ago. She has NOT let him go, irregardless of what she said to Jessica. Sookie is too often “wrong”.

  3. Nicely done Shad. Thanks for the screen shots as well. That roaring rampage through the authority had me worried for a bit then he allowed them to drive away and not fly over them like some bloody evil naked superman as Jason said. :)   Bill is a powerful force to be reckoned with. No longer at risk from older stronger vampires or staking. My my what to do about Bill? I just knew Bill could make the earth move. lol As always Bill and Jessica’s scenes are so endearing. Bill bringing her warm TB (like a dad bringing warm milk to his child)and tucking her in. Sensing her fear of him trying to sooth her.  Our favorite vamp is not out of the woods however judging from those flashes he had while reading. What the hell was that? It seemed to have caused him pain or at the very least distress. Not to mention the 3 sirens(per the credits)in his study. Bloody hell, what now? Bill continues to be the most intriguing and charismatic character.

    1. Willkill4Bill in those flashes of what Bill sees it looks like they are flogging a vampire with a silver chain.

  4. Thank you for the great Bill recap.  I was so happy to see our Bill back, heart and soul, complete with a white henley. What Jess did by standing by him and up for him shows he really has done well with her. I’ve been rewatching the Bill and Jessica scenes over and over. Cant’ wait for next week.

    1. Romagirl I love how he is such a good maker/Father to Jessica also. I think it will be her who keeps him sane and brings him back when he needs help. She would go out into the sun for him just like he did for Sookie in the graveyard. She is really all he has since Sookie went to Faeland. 
      I love those scenes too, of him and Jessica and the way he brought her warm Tru Blood and they hugged. 

    1. lynnpd I said that the man who put fear in Jessica’s eyes no longer exists. I understood from those words that he is no longer a religious zealot.

      1. ShadalizaMonterosa lynnpd great observation, Shad! I missed that part for the meaning of it. I agree with your conclusion that Bill is no longer a religious zealot. He may have trouble with the three sirens inside of him, but I bet he no longer thinks of Lilith as any kind of vampire God. cool that you caught that.

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