The Bill Chronicles: Episode 5.08 – Somebody That I Used To Know

Happy vampires hopping out of the elevator and continuing their hallucinatory trip in the Authority headquarters. All but one. Godric’s words have sobered up Eric completely. He asks Bill what the hell just happened. Bill is clearly still under the influences of whatever it was they drank and believes he actually saw Lilith.


“We were in the presence of God.”
“We were high as fucking kites.”

That statement seems to get through to Bill, he stops smiling and the look in his eyes changes from kite high to realizing what has just happened.



The whole party sits down and relives the glorious moments of blood lust and the appearance of Lilith that they all have just experienced. Bill has a kind of empty look in his eyes until the baby eater proclaims his happiness about having eaten a child for the first time in a decade. He hangs his head and looks down, even if Bill has gone over to the dark side, killing a child is something that he would never do and no doubt he disapproves of this behavior.

When Steve Newlin is going to ask the guards to procure a dozen humans including a baby to continue the celebrations, Eric retires for the night and asks Bill to come with him. Everybody eyes Eric with suspicion. Bill doesn’t answer him and remains seated on the couch. No happy Lilith bliss on Bill’s face, he is thinking, weighing his options and decides to stay, with a glimpse of a smile briefly on his face.

Salome doesn’t waste time to test Bill’s loyalties and invites him into her chambers for a late night snack in the form of a young woman tied to the bed, the mother of a four month old. Bill tries to back out of it by saying he’s not hungry. But Salome doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

“Who are you to refute God’s plan? Feed on this woman as Lilith has commended.”

She practically drags him over to the bed, closer to the struggling victim. He looks down on her without any hunger or bloodlust in his eyes; he pities her, feels for her because there is no way that she will ever leave that room alive. Again Bill is forced by a powerful woman to commit acts that go against his nature. First Lorena and now Salome puts him in an impossible position. She wants to know if Bill has truly seen the light and has become a convinced Sanguinista.

“Did you think that we would stop after one night?”
“No”. Bill murmurs the answer, regret and understanding in his voice; he knows exactly where this path is leading: total war between humans and vampires and possibly the destruction of both species.

“I will not be bullied. Understand this, I have fathered children. I cannot take this woman away from….”
“If you really loved your human children why didn’t you make them vampire? Keep them with you forever.”

The hurt of the loss of his children is written all over Bill’s face.

Bill remembers how he went to visit his daughter Sarah on her deathbed in 1910. Sarah is happy and surprised to see her father, unlike her mother when she first saw Bill again, she does not fear him even though he looks the same age as the day she last saw him when she was a child. He tells her how much he has missed her, every hour of every day.

When Sarah asks him how it is possible that he looks so young, he reluctantly reveals to her that he has been shown how to live longer than most ever thought possible. He knows his daughter is dying and she will take his secret with her into the grave.

Her answer shocks him. “Make me like you, then.”
Sarah begs him, crying, she doesn’t want to die, she wants to live.

“Immortality is a curse.”

When she begs him desperately, hysterically to make her like him, he pulls his hands out of hers and backs away from her. Not only does he have to live with the pain of losing his daughter, he also has to live with the pain of refusing her the opportunity to continue to live. He could have given her some of his blood maybe, enough to defeat the illness that was killing her and give her the extra time to reach old age.



Salome and the woman on the bed are like a devil and an angel sitting on each of Bill’s shoulders. Salome tries to convince him to deny his humanity, while the woman begs for her life. Salome shuts her up.

“To refuse God’s gift to us is blasphemy.” Blasphemy seems to be the magic word, because all accused of blasphemy have met the true death. Looking down on the woman with pain and regret on his face and in his eyes, he makes his decision. He looks Salome in the eyes when his fangs pop and they meet the neck of the woman. He continues to look at Salome while he sucks the life out of the struggling victim.

Later the chancellors meet again around the Authority table to discuss various strategies to wipe out the mainstreaming movement. Bill suggests to bomb the five Tru Blood factories in order to force the mainstreamers to feed on humans. His plan is applauded by all, except Eric. Eric seems lost without his ally Bill by his side, he has no idea how to stop this runaway train from crashing. He tried to reason with Nora but failed and he doesn’t understand what goes on in Bill’s mind.
“What are you doing?”

Has Bill finally lost the battle between his vampire nature and his humanity? Has he become a Sanguinista after drinking a drop of blood and losing his mind for one night?

I don’t believe that someone with a conviction as strong as Bill’s could change his tune so radically overnight. Bill is not the oldest nor the strongest vampire on the block and he has learned to use his brain and weigh his options when in difficult situations. We’ve seen him do it before with Sophie-Anne, when he was held captive by Russell and with Nan Flanagan. Bill plays the game carefully and awaits the moment to strike and defeat his enemy. To make his performance as convincing as possible he doesn’t scare away from making a human victim, like the woman on the bed or the girl he procured in the strip club in season 3. Back then he did it to save himself and Sookie. This time he has a complete Authority council to defeat and the life of one human is a small sacrifice in comparison to the enslavement or possible destruction of an entire species.

This is purely my personal view and opinion. Post in the comments what you think? Has Bill gone over to the dark side?


  1. Right now, Salome is like Lorena 2.0, Bill is having Deja Vu Hell ……..
    I’m not convinced that someone who has managed to hangon to their humanity over bthe course of decades with a Maker bullying him to do what she wants…is going to roll over so easiliy. He learned how to keep his mouth shut and do what was expected when he was with Lorena. Once he was strong enough to live on his own, he rebelled against her and got away.
    I find it a HUGE coincidence that there are FIVE TB factories and FIVE vampires that Bill can’t eliminate by regular means: Salome, Nora, Rosalind, Kiwbe, Russell….  
    Nigel and Newlin could be taken out in a regular fashion.

  2. Is Bill really going dark or is he playing Salome & Company?  He would not turn Sarah or even heal her with his blood (now that you mention that, Shad, I’m wondering why he didn’t go the latter route).  He was reluctant to feed on the young mother, but Salome forced his hand.  I think he is playing along, perhaps lulling the Authority members into believing that he has come over to the Sanguinista camp.  His suggestion that the tru blood factories be bombed met with enthusiastic approval.  I’m not sure what he has in mind.  Bill may not even know for sure at this point in time.  But I don’t believe he has gone dark and forsaken his humanity. 
    About Bill’s final comment that he is evolving …  I recall Godric’s using that term about Lorena, that she had not evolved.  So is Bill evolving negatively?  On the surface It would seem so.  However, I don’t believe it. 
    Thanks, Shad.  Well written as always.

  3. Shad thank you for your quick Bill Chronicles and I so agree with you.  I think Bill is going into full 007 mode, what other choice does he have than go the way of Dieter or drink up and pretend to play along.  When Eric asked, “what are you doing?’ Bill’s secret answers could have been surviving or saving our a$$es while I/we think of something.
    In Salome bedroom with the poor pleading mother all I could think of is here is Bill AGAIN being forced to go agains his decent mainstreaming ways by a more powerful female vampire, Salome is another Lorena. Both women can possess his body but they wan his soul; Lorena failed, will Salome?
    In the boardroom when they zeroed in on Bill’s eyes *I love evil Bill eyes*, Stephen does that so well.

  4. Perfection Shad! No way has Bill gone over to the dark side. And I’m not even saying this as a hopeful  Bill/Stephen fan. Anyone who has been following this show from day one and has paid any kind of attention to the characters developments and personalities would know Bill and his convictions well enough to know that he would not “switch sides”. Let alone so easily and suddenly. His eyes tell all. The wheels have been turning and Bill is clearly doing what he must do to gain Salome’s complete trust so he can bring her and the authority down. And I believe he will. I have faith in our Bill Compton. 

  5. Summed up my feelings perfectly, Shad. I don’t see Bill throwing away everything he has worked so hard for (his humanity, his standing as a mainstreamer). I do believe he is plotting. While I do think he was greatly affected by whatever it was that they drank, I just can’t buy Bill being overtaken by the supposed religious fervor over Lilith. I think it will certainly look that way, but in the end, I believe Bill will be left standing.

    1.  @Cherie B He was high as a kite, just like the others. But now that the effect of the drug has worn off and he is lucid again, I can’t believe he has become religious overnight. Not once have we heard him praise Lilith or use other reglious phrases.

  6. There was some great Bill stuff in this episode, no doubt! During the meetings at the Authority headquarters Bill was mostly silent, until his rather brilliant idea to take away Tru Blood from the mainstreamers. I think that was done to make his final statement about “evolving” all the more shocking, but also to show Bill thinking things through before proceeding. I just hope he can see whatever his plan is through with all of the obstacles sure to be in his way.

    I want more Bill and Sarah. Such a heartbreaking scene.

    And aw, Jason is still a Bill and Sookie shipper. Love it. That was another anvil to add to the stack we’ve already gotten this season. They better be leading somewhere, like to a Bill and Sookie reunion maybe.

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