The Bastard Executioner: Sneak Peek: Love Lays Down the Law for Jessamy

With just two episodes remaining in Season 1 of The Bastard Executioner, things couldn’t be more tense. Wilkin and Toran have joined Milus on a quest to capture banished Gaveston with the remaining giggle wench/half-sister in tow as a hostage (if they’re successful, it could secure Ventrishire for Lady Love); Father Ruskin and Luca have been kidnapped by the Rosula, who are determined to find Annora; and Jessamy is being held prisoner in Isabel’s quarters after catching Wilkin and Love sharing a passionate kiss and lashing out at Love.

As you see in the exclusive clip above from tonight’s penultimate episode, Jessamy isn’t going anywhere, and Love, who knows that Jessamy suffered at the hand of her real husband, won’t let her empathy keep her from threatening Jessamy’s life.

The Love/Jessamy showdown. Who do you think wins?


Watch the video below to judge who is the best in this battle of wits.

source: Yahoo TV


  1. Lady Love is the victor in the battle … thus far. However, I doubt Jessamy will submit meekly. Looking forward to tonight and seeing how their showdown plays out; also, how things turn out for Father Ruskin and Luca, and what happens with the quest to capture Gaveston.

    Thanks for providing.

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