The Bastard Executioner Sneak Peek 1.07 “Behold the Lamb/Gweled yr Oen”

Milus is twisting stories again when we see him in tonight’s episode of The Bastard Executioner saying to Wilkin: Punisher, you need to ready your stock and chains. What will Wilkin do to avoid killing an innocent man, especially for something he himself is responsible for?


Watch the preview video below which begins with Toran and Wilkin discussing the aftermath of their abbreviated vengeance — and being in Milus’s screws — Milus’s next task is already upon them.

Berwyn, the man who’s confessed for reasons unknown to murdering Baron Pryce’s wife, Lady Trula, arrives at Castle Ventris in shackles. Milus expects swift “justice,” but will he get it? Wilkin knows the man is innocent because he and Toran are the ones who unknowingly burned Lady Trula alive, and Lady Love suspects it — Berwyn claimed the Wolf ordered the hit when her trusted half-brother denies it.

As reported by Yahoo, without spoiling too much, let’s just say it’s another super-sized episode (running until 11:30 p.m.) with good reason — it’s the series’ biggest game-changer to date.



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