“The Barrens” to be released as “The Forest” in France

“The Barrens” has found its way to France where it will be released under the name “The Forest” on February 11. Films are often renamed in certain European countries but an English name as “The Forest” for the French market strikes me as very odd. Also the cover is different from what we’ve seen before. Honestly I don’t think this image  is a good representation of the content of the film.

You can get your copy on Amazon.fr.

the forrest


  1. My word, that is a bizarre cover representation of the film.  I guess I can live with The Forest, but not the DVD cover.

  2. Agreed about representation, but I think it catches the eye much more if you want someone to pick it up off the shelf nad take it home for the evening. the American cover doesn’t catch your eye at all and it’ hard to tell what it’s about.
    It’s all about the sales! LOL!

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