Stephen Moyer and True Blood have been a part of our lives ever since the pilot episode aired in September 2008.  

There are so many memories that we want to remember forever, so Shad and I, as well as, some of it’s die hard fans, will be sharing our thoughts and memories in the days ahead about how True Blood has changed our lives.

But today, before the show airs it’s very last episode, Shadaliza and I want to say:

THANK YOU to HBO, Alan Ball, all the cast and crew for seven amazing and wonderful years of unforgettable experiences and memories reporting about the best show ever!

But we also want to thank the man who has inspired all we do here on this site, STEPHEN MOYER, THE BEST ACTOR EVER.  His wit, humor and inspiration have made this site so much fun to do. 


We have been, and will continue to be, Stephen Moyer fans after the end of True Blood since ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM will report all the news about Stephen’s latest projects and more.


  1. Thank you, Stephen, for 7 wonderful seasons of bloodlust, mayhem, sexytimes and BILL COMPTON! I will miss seeing you in my living room every summer, but hopefully you’ll be at my local multi-plex regularly instead.
    And thank you to Lynn and Shad for keeping us all informed and entertained re: all things Bill Compton / True Blood over the years. Love you guys!!

  2. Are you sure that Stephen Moyer is really trying to direct us to a site that asks for one’s credit card upon trying to post a question to him – as he suggests??!?

  3. I have so enjoyed following the trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows of Bill Compton.  And, yes, murder, mayhem and some incredible sex scenes have been mixed in there.  Stephen, you have made Bill come alive for me.  And that’s no mean feat, since my favorite vampire is one of the undead.  Wishing you all the best as you pursue other projects.  I’m with Lou … looking forward to seeing you on my movie screen in future.  Multiple times.  I will always be a fan, and an eager follower of your career. 

    Thanks, Shad and Lynn, for your hard work and dedication to this site, and for providing us with all things Stephen and Bill Compton.  Bless you both!

  4. loved the show will miss it but will see the cast in other projects soon i hope true blood had a good run and a good cast thank you for the seven seasons we enjoyed it stephen and anna good lluck to you all in your future endeavors

  5. Just think before you got this job you were going to quit acting all together but look you got the best job and you got your wife Anna Paquin god bless you Stephen Moyer

  6. I love the show but i truely love the actors they are down to earth and they do not act better than anyone else or stuck up, They seem like good people and care for each other which is awesome.

  7. I am so going to miss the show. I just love all the charters. Dont know which one is my favorit…. Bil, Sook, Eric, Lafajet, Sam, Jessica, Pam, Hoyt, Russel….Pfffff to hard to make a choice. Thank yoy al so much.

  8. Thank you Stephen for your brilliant portrayal for 7 years of  the iconic beautiful brooding Vampire Bill Compton, Bill  happens to be the only fanged one I have ever fell in love with. I am a hard sell but you had me the minute Bill walked into Merlotte’s  for the first time. I haven’t wavered one step since. 
    I look forward to your future projects, especially the ones that you appear onscreen. :)  Wishing you continued success and happiness. 

    *  Please relay to Bill for me that I will always leave the welcome mat out and the porch light on for him.  

    Shad and Lynn,our dynamic duo thank you for providing a haven to discuss all things True Blood and  Stephen Moyer..

  9. Thank you a million times over for bringing Bloody Joy into my home for 7 seasons! Our lives are forever changed for the good and truly heartbroken for the true deaths of our favorite cast of our favorite show EVER! #GoodbyesSuck #RIPTRUEBLOOD

  10. Stephen is one of the best actors we have today. And as for his portrayal of Bill Compton, it was mesmerizing. No one could have done it better.

  11. Well said, Lou & Rowena. I too will miss seeing Mr. Compton in a big way, but hope that Stephen will be in plenty of new roles where we can admire his considerable talents.
    Thanks also to Lynn and Shad to keeping us on top of all the news and highly entertained. The two of you were the conduit to a lovely bunch of fans whom I have really enjoyed getting to know.

  12. All it took was for Stephen Moyer as Bill to saunter into Merlotte’s in that first episode and I was hooked. Thank you so much Stephen for bringing Bill Compton to the small screen. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

  13. I am so going to miss this show its been my favorite for years i will definely miss it alot thank god i got all the series except the new one and im getting it when it comes out RIP true Blood I love you all and the show it will be hightly missed

  14. I will so miss you and yes I cried like a Baby Thanks for the great story and many laughs and tears always missed!

  15. They could have made it 2 hours long . Hated to see Bill and Sookie not together when that was the base of the whole show and story ;( Hope to see you both in more films

  16. thank you for showing us that love is eternal;, and can never be broken even with death,, Truebood forever you made a badass, yet also adorable and caring gentle vampire. you showed us that vampires are not all evil and cold hearted.

  17. I cried!! I ‘ve always been a Bill and Sookie fan tonight was hard to watch!! I miss all of the true blood cast.. thank you for 7 years!!

  18. Thank you Stephen for your great portrayal of Bill these past seven years.  You are such a fantastic actor.  I didn’t like that Bill died in the finale, but your acting was superb.  I will miss you and the show so much.  I hope we see you in a lot of projects in front of the camera, although I think you are a terrific director, too.  I know you will be successful in everything you do in the future because you are so talented.  I wish you all the best.

  19. simply sad, funny how an amazing show like this becomes almost like an old friend…….. with tons of great drama, and crushes, :(

  20. Thank you, as well as the entire crew. This show was part of my life, and I’m happy that you all were part of it.

  21. i love you the show was wonderfull and with you and the rest of the cast made it the best show i wish there was more

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