Tears at the last True Blood ADR session

Stephen Moyer filmed himself yesterday driving towards the Paramount Picture Studio to do ADR for True Blood one last time.

Inside the studio he ran into Kristin Bauer van Straten and Carrie Preston and they all had a good cry together about the end of True Blood and saying goodbye to good friends.

We will miss you so much guys!

Stephen Moyer and Kristin BauerStephen Moyer and Carrie Preston

Source: @_smoyer


  1. I’m sad too, hate to see this end, love the show so much and everyone on it, especially Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin and of course Alexander. Love Jessica too.

  2. I dont’ want it to end im so sad it ends.i love the show so much and everyone on it.especially kristin bauer alexander steven anna and deborah

  3. cannot believe it will be over in 4 more episodes—the wait for each season was hard, but the end will be so much harder. what a great cast.

  4. Sad face and then some!!  I’m feeling a bit teary myself.  Only 4 more episodes until the end.  NO!!!  The show is slipping away too fast.

  5. How come Days of Our Lives soap opera run for years while True Blood cut short ? Please create more shows !

  6. I’m very sad too hate to see it end like this . I wish it could stay on a little longer because I love this show so much. And everyon it, especially Stephen and Anna and of course I couldn’t leave Alexander out . These three are my favortie one on the show.

  7. Love loved this show!! EVERYONE did an AWESOME job!! Will miss watching it!! Good luck to everyone on the show! At least now when I see other movies or shows I will always recognize a true blood actor!!

  8. I can’t believe this show is going to end. My good friends got me into watching this show. After watching the first episode I was hooked. I will miss all the people and especially eric.

  9. I love you guys!!!! I will miss you terribly. It was a great show. Kept me enjoying my sunday’s nights

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