TBX boot camp according to Lee Jones and Stephen Moyer

Team building TBX style includes sword fighting and horseback riding, nothing new for Stephen but Lee Jones was a total newbie to the medieval way of life and was thrown into boot camp on his first day. The show’s leading men also explain to Access Hollywood why The Bastard Executioner is a fall TV must and the question is raised who the actual star of the show is…..

Wonderful to see that the guys are getting along so well… do I sense some bromance in the air?

Here’s a video where the duo talk about how they met. Steve gets “bleeped” at the end.


  1. Am loving these two together!  They seem to have really hit it off, which will make acting with each other that much better.   Looking forward to seeing them interacting as Milus and Wilken.  Steve is “the nurse”, ha, ha!  So very clever.

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