“Take a Stab” and choose your farovite Bill Moment for True Blood Week

What's your favorite Bill Moment?

HBO just added a video about the upcoming True Blood Week. Think back to your favorite memorable Bill moments in True Blood and go to their site and choose your favorite, for a chance to get it aired during True Blood week.

Here’s an idea, remember the scene where Bill turns Jessica in Season 1? That was so memorable.  Do you have a favorite Bill scene that is just as memorable? Well, tell HBO by taking a stab and casting your votes for your favorite True Blood moments that include our favorite vampire, Bill! at http://truebloodweek.com.

What's your favorite Bill Moment?

Watch the video below to learn all about it.

Oh, and we’re sure you won’t miss the new season of True Blood premiering on Sunday, June 16 at 9PM, only on HBO.


  1. Season one, episode one is the iconic episode of TB, and the best pilot of any vampire show ever, anywhere, anytime, bar none!  The next best episodes are episode 2, and the episode where Bill turns Jessica (episode 10?).

    In season 2, the best episode is Bill’s proposal (episode 12).  Outstanding, and one to watch over and over!

  2. I would do this, but you have to tweet your pick.  Since I’m not on Twitter this leaves me out.  Such is life.

  3. Any Bill scenes from season one are great…and any scenes with Bill & Jess…unfortunatley I’m not on Twiter either.

  4. Okay, I’ll list my favorite.  It will go no further than here.  In Season 1 when Bill runs across his front lawn to meet Sookie, who is running toward him in her white nightgown.  He picks her up, carries her into the Compton house, and the magical lovemaking ensues.

  5. Current standings are:
    Season 1 Sherrif Eric is #1 and #2 is when Sookie met Bill..WTF?
    Season 3 Eric and Sookie kiss is #1 and #5 is the Lorena/Bill head twist…Again…WTF

    1. My Obsession   I know, right?  The trollers are doing their thing with continual voting.  Too bad.  But I have the dvds from all the seasons, and I can watch my favorites anytime.
      There have never been better scenes on TV than the ones between Sookie and Bill in episode 1.  Sigh!

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