Stephen Moyer’s film: The Caller Premiere is an event to remember

The Caller Premiere

Not even a hurricane could stop the premiere of The Caller Premiere from becoming a huge success last night in Puerto Rico.

Our dear friend Eva from was so lucky to have received an invitation to the premiere and after party and over the past 2 days we had constant email contact to keep each other updated. Eva wrote a wonderful article about her experiences from last night, she met Stephen Moyer, Ed Quinn, Matthew Parkhill, Sergio Casci and many more. I had passed her name on to Stephen and when she met him, he immediately remembered who she was. You can read her article on

Some extra information about the DVD release:

  • There will be a DVD European release in the upcoming months.
  • On the DVD, there will be a Director’s Commentary
  • An alternate ending to the movie will be included on the DVD
  • Deleted scenes will also be included on the DVD

The Caller Premiere

WATCH THE VIDEOS from this event below:

Matthew Parkhill, Director

Stephen Moyer

Ed Quinn


  1. Thank you, Shad, and thank you, Eva. I so appreciate the commentary and the videos from Stephen, Matthew Parkhill and Ed Quinn. I really, really want to see this film, now more than ever. I hope there will be a USA DVD release (please, please!!).

  2. Thank you Eva for the great reporting from Puerto Rico. Glad you got the chance to be the ‘belle at the ball’ and be in a manwich or vampwich! Either way I’m sure the handsome guys made you forget the super scary movie which I am so looking forward to.

  3. Thanks Shad and Eva – Went over to the PuertoRicanTwilight site and enjoyed all of the goodies! Lucky Eva to be surrounded by such hotness.
    Just a few more days until ‘The Caller’opens!

  4. Oh, Stephen. If you mention making sweet sweet love with Ed Quinn, I’m gonna have to say…pics or it didn’t happen!

    Love the inside info from the premiere, and I really can’t wait to watch this movie, I love a good scary movie, and this one will hopefully deliver.

  5. Thank you Eva for sharing your experience with us! I hope The Caller will get a U.S. DVD release date soon too. Unfortunately it is not playing in a theater near me :(

  6. Thank you Eva for taking the time to share your experience with us. Sounds like you had a blast. Loved the pics and vids!

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