Screencaps for Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 6: The Fire This Time

Tonight we saw Season 1 Hour 6 of Stephen Moyer’s Shots Fired titled, “The Fire This Time”.

Wow, what an action-packed and almost disturbing hour of Shots Fired. The series is definitely hitting all the buttons on what’s going on in the US.  It may be controversial, but I say that’s good to wake us up to the reality out there.  Once again, I applaud the writers and all the cast for their superb work!

In this episode the town really erupts into violence and we learn that Arlen Cox may be involved in Jesse’s shooting. 


Below are a few screencaps of Stephen Moyer from the Photo Gallery for Season 1, Hour 6:

Stephen Moyer's Shots Fired


  1. This show just keeps getting better and better. I love how it turns out that Stephen’s character is more complex than beats the eye!

  2. Breeland is a very enigmatic character but I loved his few scenes. I won’t say anything more since Rowena hasn’t seen it yet…

  3. Piper, you don’t ever have to wait for me. Please post as soon as you’ve seen the episode.

    Finally got to see the episode. The tension, fear, anger, and desperation escalated big time. i’m a bit confused about the rather sudden appearance of the riot police. They would have to be called out by the governor, and she did not want this. At least that’s the impression I got. And yet there they were and very quickly. Maybe I missed something. I’ll try to watch a second time. Wanted more Stephen. His scenes always work … there just aren’t enough of them. And, yes, Breeland is a complicated character. Again, no black and white characters here … shades of gray all around. I really felt for both the mothers. So what went on during the “tours”? Did the governor innocently provide tours for the adjunct deputies, or is something more sinister afoot? Something she knows about. Also, at the end of last week’s episode we saw Pastor Janae getting into Cox’s car. What happened with that? No follow up in this episode. Speaking of the pastor, she was very impressive in this episode. Powerful and compelling Episode 6.

    1. Totally agree Rowena. I was wondering who called the riot police and the tank…maybe Cox? Maybe he is hat influential if he is the richest man in the state…and yes what happened with Pastor Janae and Cox? Loose end or is something sinister afoot there? Not enough Steve but his few scenes are wonderful. Of course I was wondering if he ever got a piece of his anniversary cake… :-)

  4. Hi Piper. Yes, the cake … I almost forgot about that. I hope he did. Maybe a further episode will flesh out the Janae-Cox meeting. I’m hoping we’ll hear more about that.

    Thanks, Lynn, for approving. I wonder what triggered the “awaiting moderation.” We’ll probably never know.

  5. Very emotional episode! As to the governor is she saying one thing but doing another (ordering in the heavy riot police)?
    Lt. Breeland as all the characters are at crossroads and are making telling decisions.
    Thank you Lynn for providing the excellent coverage for Shos Fired.

  6. I did a re-watch and saw that the governor called in police from 3 counties, I think just in case things got out of hand. It’s my impression that she left police involvement up to them. It would depend on the severity of the disturbances. She did not want to call a state of emergency, and did not want riot police firing on her citizens.

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