Stephen Moyer’s hilarious coffee invitation

Always wonderful to hear tidbits of what happens on the set during rehearsals and this Twitter info includes Stephen Moyer and coffee. Apparently he brought in a coffee truck and invited cast and crew for a cuppa.

Actress Ariane Rinehart who plays Liesl tweeted the following messages:

So Stephen Moyer is currently in the lead for favorite cast member. Sorry @carrieunderwood he brought a coffee truck.


Forgot to mention that the best part of Stephen’s coffee truck was the invite. The real Vampire Bill.




  1. what a sweetheart Stephen is this that’s why I Love him and Billy Compton ,anyone who works with him always say good stuff about him  :) <3

  2. Him dressed as a nun… I click the “like” button and see that I’m the 666th person… I’d better go to church twice this weekend

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