Stephen Moyer’s final night on True Blood set

This is it Billsbabes and Moyerists…… Stephen Moyer is spending his last night on the True Blood set as we speak. It’s over, this is the end, it’s a wrap.


The only thing we can hope for now is that the storyline of our beloved Bill will have a ending that will leave us fans satisfied; an ending fitting for the complex character that he is.

We love you Bill!

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  1. I have a time of my Life with this show and Stephen make it special because he is a special and wonderful love and care for him

  2. All the crossables are crossed for a satisfying ending for Bill.  Hard to believe that there will be no more True Blood.  Thank you, Stephen, for a glorious run as the brooding, enigmatic, unbelievably sexy William Thomas Compton.

  3. I love Bill Compton too…You are such a good actor. I hope we see you in more shows very soon or even on the big screen. You want me to call your agent?

  4. You love u going miss you. You are a great actor hope to see u soon on a show or movie. I will follow


  6. Glad you finally got all of Lillith out of your system. Do you have any idea how hard it is to say Lillith’s?

  7. I will miss this show and the casts, but I will miss Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin especially Alexander Skarsgård.

  8. Sigh~~~~  I was hoping  I had just dreamed TB was ending.   Stephen may be ready to release Bill but  I am not. 
    I doubt I will ever be ready. 
    Thank you Stephen for portraying Bill to perfection. There was a reason Bill was so difficult to cast and we now know it was because no one else could have played this magnificent complex character as you have for 7 seasons.  
    Hoping Bill has the best possible ending of this story.

  9. since Stephen and Anna have their own production company, can they make a spin-off and use the same cast and just change the story a bit? Hope so.

  10. Thinking about this actually hurts inside. If I can’t deal with the end of filming how will I watch the rest of the season? I was considering just not watching the last few episodes this summer, because if  I don’t watch then Bill would still be out there for me. I’m ridiculous.

  11. Sad that it’s going to end.You are great actor Stephen. #trueblood. #truetiltheend. #bill.lots of love from Kentucky. You all have a huge fan base here.

  12. It was a Great run! Thank You for all the entertainment! Hope to see You on much more American Television..

  13. Stephen please buy the rights and keep Bill alive. I just can’t let Bill go, not ever. He is too important to me.  I love him too much.  I will always hold out waiting for you to do this for Bill, you owe  him this much after all he has brought to you.  Stephen you are the only person who can keep him alive.  I know this is the end for True Blood but please don’t shut the door on Bill.

  14. LOL loved some of these responses…I still think he and the Mrs. will end up together in the end…’s the last season…so we know the main characters will be dropping like flies along the way…it wouldn’t be True Blood if they didn’t :)

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