Stephen Moyer’s film, Juveniles sees the light of day and Movie & TV Page launched


In 2015, Stephen Moyer shot a film called “Juveniles” which was filmed in a remote section of Los Angeles. We’ve been waiting for three years for the film to finally be released. Well, the wait is over! The film was first screened at Garden State Film Festival on March 24, 2018, and then at Newport Beach Film Festival on April 30, 2018. 

We anticipate that the film will be released on DVD soon, but we don’t yet know this for sure.  The talent company CAA is handling domestic sales.


In Juveniles, Stephen Moyer plays the villain, which we know he loves to do.  With this new info, lots of photos and a trailer, we think it’s time for us to launch our new Movie & TV page devoted to the film.

The page includes:

  • lots of NEW photos,
  • a video of the film’s trailer,
  • a link to the film’s website and more….

Click here or, on the banner below to see all the information we have gathered about Juveniles.


As soon as more is released about this film and its future, we’ll be sure to post about it, so check back often.

From MTV VMA-nominated music video director Nico Sabenorio, Juveniles is a drama about familial rivalries and the cyclical nature of violence, set against the backdrop of third world America. The story takes place in present day with tribal rivalries colliding as an older teenager must fight to overcome the powerful forces of violence and poverty while trying to protect his family.

FILM DESCRIPTION: Tormented by the murder of his father when he was young, a high schooler is confronted by the dark underbelly of his town when his sister falls for the son of the biggest crime boss around.  After learning the reason behind his father’s death all those years ago, he goes to confront the boss and his sons to protect his family and save his town.  On his mission of vengeance, this young man may have to sing to unfathomable levels to hopefully find peace.

The Hollywood Reporter’s wrote about the film after seeing it (click on the image to see it larger):

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