Stephen Moyer’s favorite Sound of Music things

Stephen explains what his favorite things are from the Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013There are quite a few things. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Climb Every Mountain” done by somebody like Audra McDonald. She’s got such a rich voice. This is no disrespect to everybody else who’s played that part, but growing up it was always sort of my least favorite song. I’m thinking of it being done by a shrill nun. [Laughs.] And that is not how it feels when Audra McDonald sings it. So that’s a very sort of amazing classic moment. “Do Re Me” is awesome. The kids do it brilliantly and so does Carrie.

For me, as the Captain, there’s a beautiful moment that stands out. He’s shut music out of his life. Everybody is very regimented and he runs his house like a ship, like a frigate. It’s a very beautifully constructed moment where he’s angry about the politics of what’s going on, he’s angry about his children being dressed in old curtains and he’s angry about the fact that his best friends want him to convert and become a Nazi to just get by so that he doesn’t get into trouble. Then, at the height of his anger, his kids start singing and it’s a song that he used to sing as a kid. It transports him. So for me, that’s a really important moment in the show because it’s the turning point for the Captain from being shut off because of the death of his wife and having been grieving for the last five years – he realizes that he shut out this essential growing tool for the kids, which is to be surrounded by music. One of the things that our musical director David Chase has said is that we sort of have this glib phrase in our head, which is the title, The Sound of Music, which is how it’s just become. But the point is, it’s The Sound of Music that turns his life around. It’s music coming back into that house and how it feels. That is the story, really.



  1. That’s a lovely summation of where the Captain was in his life, with his children, before Maria and music turn his life around and make him whole again.

  2. I really liked this interview and his point of view. It is kind of nostalgic for me, growing up with the original movie, but I am so excited to see this in JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS!
    THANK YOU as always for the best info!

  3. his voice is one of my favorite things love him I can not Waite till Thursday to see him sing him singing is a breath of fresh air love it I can listen to him sing all day long

  4. Really? I know him only for True blood and I’ve never heard him singing.. Where can i listen his sexy voice? :)
    And.. Sorry for my English !

  5. @Linda S. TSOM will re~air on Saturday night @ 8pm. You can buy the soundtrack or the DVD now through most stores. Or order from Amazon:)

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