Stephen Moyer’s Daughter debuts on True Blood

Stephen Moyer’s daughter, Lilac Emery-Haynes made a debut guest appearance in the finale episode of True Blood tonight. She played a young Sookie in a flashback scene with Gran and Tara. Did you spot her?

Below is a screenshot from the episode:

lilac-as-young-sookie lilacs credit

Lilac made a very believable young Sookie and she seemed very natural and relaxed. Great job! We congratulate her on her True Blood debut!




  1. I didn’t realize that. Cool! Thanks for telling us!
    Krissy Aguirre Gavrilenka I bet you’ll like that too. :-)

  2. That’s a great personal touch to the show. And I’m sure a great memory for her and her Daddy.

  3. both of the young girls did a great job. I was amazed at how much they both resembled their “grown-up” characters.

  4. She did a great job. She has a future in acting. And she is a very pretty young lady. The series finale made me sad. It was very bitter sweet.

  5. They should let Bill be recairnet to be Sookie’s husband or if not then she should hook up with Eric.
    I can’t believe Eric & Pam went back to the old way after they finally kill Mr. Gus.

  6. Great job I had no ideal she was very great and beautiful girl to play a beautiful character Sookie U0001f60dU0001f60d

  7. She was great! Did anyone else notice that Charlene Harris had a cameo? She was working in the studio where Pam and Eric were filming the commercial ?

  8. Thank you I like it help me this for continued ..
    I was wainting everyweek for the new episode
    And that help me for carrie on . Thank you Trueblood

  9. I thought she was a really good actress.  Very natural delivery of her lines.  Great job, Lilac!  The girl who played young Tara was really good, too.  Her voice sounded like Tara.

  10. She did great.. Her accent was spot on! Looks too.. The girl who played tara did great too.. Especially with the accent.

  11. omg i was wondering why why they looked so much alike i was like hey they pick a really good young Sookie. The ending was bittersweet. I Poor Bill :( Im sad its over. I wanted Sookie to end up with either Erick or Bill

  12. That’s great, very cool. I was so sad about Bill but they did a great job on the final episode. Lilac is very pretty.

  13. Amazing Job playing Sookie as a little girl. Oh my goodness, the ending was so heartbreaking, not only did it make me jump. I was in crying so hard, when Sookie killed Bill through the heart with a wooden stake.

  14. And have you noticed that last scene with Eric was copied and pasted from season 3 ep 2 and that dancer was Yvette? They just changed white color of her lace to pink. I’m disappointed.

  15. Read all the books. Watched every episode. Im a 49 year old groupie. Loved the characters. This is the first time in my life to feel connected to a television show. Lol it was a great ride . I’ll miss it next summer.

  16. Good Ending for Eric and Pam……..but many questions were still left unanswered….
    1. Who saved Eric when he was burning on the mountains?
    2. How was Sookie able to hear Bill’s thoughts?
    and lastly……
    3.Who was Sookie’s mystery man?

  17. Jessica and Hoyt together again , yes! Nooooo, Bill dead :( . Was hoping he would change his mind and live. Young Sookie and Tara did a great job! Going to start watching my tapes from the beginning, maybe by the time I’m done with them the last season will be out!

  18. She’s beautiful and did a fantastic job….and freckles are common in southern girls…. quit being so damn picky

  19. Both girls did an excellent job. Amazing, how much they resembled their adult characters, both in appearance and speech. Nice touch!

  20. She was adorable with her sweet lil face and freckles. She had an innocence and sweetness. The lil girl who played Tara was also adorable and got Tara’s voice and sass perfectly!

  21. Lilac did a fine job as young Sookie and her reading young Tara’s mind was done perfectly. Both the young ladies carried their parts exceptionally well and who better to be act alongside them is Lois Smith as the loving Gran, bravo!
    I notice immediately.

  22. I had heard Stephen say that Lilac wanted to go into acting, I think it was during the E J Scott interview  I thought she did great not only delivering her lines but acting with her facial expressions.  She seems like a natural.  Regarding the freckles, I had a lot of freckles when I was a kid and they almost all disappeared by the time I was in my twenties.  It really doesn’t matter if Sookie has freckles or not, or if Lilac looks like Anna Paquin as a child or not.  The young actress is playing a part. The acting is so much more important than looking identical.  She was totally believable as young Sookie.

  23. Yes I did lilac looks just like her sexy father her and the girl playing Tara did a awsome job . That girl playing young Tara sounded like older tara

  24. She has his face too she looks just like Stephen eyes nose lips chin cheeks n he was a blonde when he was lil

  25. She did an awesome job…didn’t look much like older sookie… young Tara looked a lot like older Tara

  26. She looks similar to the younger Sookie from earlier years but I had no idea she was Stephens daughter. Remarkable! And young Tara sounded a lot like older Tara. Great job by both,

  27. I noticed her immediately!! I had no idea she did that. I’d love to see her and her dad talk about it. She did good. Hope we get to see more from her.

  28. Lilac did a great job! She looks so much like her mum – facial structure, eyes, nose, everything. Glad Stephen let her in a scene!

  29. I agree both the girls did a wonderful job, but that little girl playing young Tara, well she sounded just like Tara! Sad its over now.. :'(

  30. My son said she was beautiful, he is 13. He said ” Mom, that girl who plays younger Sookie is HOT!” That means beautiful in boy speak. :D

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