Stephen Moyer’s 2008 Best Life Magazine – Fat Tie vs. Skinny Tie

We saw these lovely photos of Stephen Moyer taken by photographer, Andrew Macpherson a long time ago, but never knew how they were used. Now we know that Stephen’s photos were featured in Best Life Magazine in 2008 in an article titled, Fat Tie vs. Skinny Tie.

The magazine which was under the publication of Men’s Health, we think has been discontinued, but thanks to LifeIsNotEasy, we have scans from the article.

The article compares two different styles in men’s suits, the 60’s (skinny tie, wide lapels vs. wider tie and wider lapels). I have to admit that it took me a few minutes to even notice since I was staring elsewhere. Stephen sure can wear both versions of the tie and lapels well, don’t you think?




  1. This is a man that can wear ANYTHING and look good! So there is no need to question what I think. He is gorgeous. Period!

  2. Great find!  Thank you, Life.  I prefer the wider look, but am happy to unabashedly stare at any pictures of Stephen.  What Ms Nikki said … I so agree.

  3. I’ve got nothing wrong with Stephen Moyer.
    He’s a very handsome man,he’s very sexy and I could wax poetic about his eyes,his voice ~ BUT I have a major problem
    with his alter ego, William Thomas Compton III.

    1. @Marlene Ferraro Emmett WILLIAM THOMAS COMPTON, aka VAMPIRE BILL!  ROCKS THE WORLD! He is the HERO and the LEAD STAR in True Blood and he will stay so until the very end!
      His eyes are mesmerizing, his face is beautiful, his love for Sookie is always unselfish, complete and total commitment and he will love her forever. She loves him too and will next season admit it!

      1. @iamtrue2bill she does this occasionally even tho she’s been banned from most Moyer sites.

  4. WONDERFUL PICTURES! thanks so much for posting them.
    who cares about the ties? not me, he rocks them all! BILLSBABES FOREVER!

  5. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen, and the camera LOVES him.  Beautiful eyes and  that mouth….I love his cupid’s bow above those sexy lips. He looks wonderful in black…. He is just the UTMOST…

  6. This is where the word “mesmoyerizing” came from…he is just so wonderful to look at,  I could stare for hours!  I agree with other opinions here,  I’m not too interested in the tie, just the man.

  7. well, I, um ………………………….. I think that so that Stephen can well wear both versions of ties and lapels. maybe so. can, maybe so.

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