Stephen Moyer Writes Review of Friend’s Book “Geekhood”

Stephen Moyer fans know how generous Stephen is, especially with his friends. Now he has written a review of his friend, Andy Robb’s new book. 

Andy and Stephen are good pals and so he was happy to read the book and give a quote for the book. Well it wasn’t just a quote, Stephen read the book and in-between filming he wrote a whole review. How does this man get the time to do all he does? Stephen’s review is below:

A full review by Stephen Moyer of “Geekhood” by Andy Robb 

Andy Robb’s wonderful book delves into the terrifying netherworld of boys’ feelings.. It is as funny as the man himself. A renaissance man, Robb is happy to poke fun at the incredibly serious world of post-pubescent male-hood. He has constructed in Archie, a charismatic protagonist, that many of us will be able to identify with; a young man growing into life’s complicated collection of emotions – without the equipment necessary to complete the task.

Archie comes from a broken home: Lives with his Mum, her new fella, and has sporadic, minimal contact with his Dad. The latter relationship exists mostly through the portal of Facebook, and Archie’s embarrassed squirming at his father’s attempt at text-speak is very funny.

Archie has an ironic, satirical side, communicated to the reader through his very own Interior Monologue, his IM. Quite honestly, I found this a little distracting at first, but as the book went on, I found myself hankering for it, looking forward to the glib, sarcastic thoughts that were really inside Archie’s mind.

From the amount of detail Robb embroiders into the fabric of the story about the many layers it takes to paint a Dungeon and Dragons figurine, one would almost feel that Robb himself had insider knowledge… that he too, may just possibly be, a Geek…

Maybe I’m just getting old, but Geekdom sounds pretty cool to me. I have to be honest, considering how most adolescents spend their time these days, I think there could be a lot worse to be said than being a Geek in Andy Robb’s world. He paints a picture of those teenage years that made me want to jump back to my past and try harder to say what I wanted to say, instead of standing in the corner sinking literally like a nervous wreck. We were all so concerned about what we thought might go wrong instead of just living and rolling with the consequences…

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  1. A lovely review.  Stephen is as good at writing as he is at everything else he does:  acting, directing, producing, singing, dancing, playing the piano, car racing, gardening, saving orchids, leather tooling, public speaking…and I’m sure there are more talents thai I don’t know about.  Just amazing!

  2. “Geekhood” looks intriguing. I’ll definitely be adding it to my summer reading. Thanks for the review Stephen!

      1. @ThatAndyBloke I bet you run it really. The intro they put was amusing. Stephen’s so generous to you, you hobo. *pats head*

      2. @sisterspooky How is the ride on my coat-tails going, these days? International fame must be fun.

      3. @Angeldrd @sisterspooky Hahahaha! No – insults are backhanded compliments, in my book!

      4. @ThatAndyBloke *sulks* want a cookie to cheer me up. Or a lolly. :P I’ll scream if not @Angeldrd

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