Stephen Moyer: Working with Anna Paquin a ‘Glorious Luxury’

Playing a vampire on a hit show at a time when vampires are taking over pop culture is a “pretty sweet feeling,” according to True Blood’s Stephen Moyer. But working with his fiancée Anna Paquin is a real “glorious luxury.”

“We are very relaxed together on set, off set and that can only help with some of the things that we get asked to do,” Moyer says of their job, which often includes blood-sucking sex scenes.

Now happily engaged, the costars previously kept their relationship a secret on the set of HBO’s supernatural hit.

“We were very, very cagey,” says Moyer, 39. “We kept tabs on our own relationship, let alone telling anybody because we were very concerned about how it would play out given that anybody who signed up to do one of these series signs for seven years. So, you don’t take a decision like that lightly.”

As the couple, who play Civil War veteran vampire Bill Compton and sweet clairvoyant waitress Sookie Stackhouse, realized there was something serious going, they decided to bring their relationship into the light of day.

“If there is an inevitability to something and there is absolutely no way that that thing can be halted, then you have to go along with it,” Moyer says. “When we realized it wasn’t just some fickle infatuation or chemistry or whatever, we were able to, months later, tell everybody that we were working with.”

There’s reason they’re called actors, apparently. “Everybody was shocked,” he said of sharing their news with the cast and crew, “so I think we’d done a good job of hiding it.”

As for True Blood’s season 2 finale, which airs Sunday (9 p.m. EST) on HBO, Moyer says there will be blood — and cliffhangers and resolutions.

“It’s everything that you would want from a season finale,” he says. “But I don’t even want to make a hint at something because it’s so f–ing crazy. I could tell you something that’s going to happen, but you just won’t believe me, so it’s almost pointless.”

source: TVWatch.People.Com

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