Stephen Moyer will NOT Attend Comic Con 2013

119621321thevault723201144935AMEarlier today, we posted that Stephen Moyer would be attending Comic Con 2013 and you can read more about it in our previous post here.

Update: Stephen has let us know that although he was previously reported as going, he has just now found out that he will be unable to attend Comic Con 2013.  As the Steve fans know, he is going to be playing Billy Flynn in the Hollywood Bowl’s performances of “Chicago.”  The show is at the end of this month and they have only 10 days to prepare, so Steve has been asked to stay in Los Angeles to rehearse and prepare. He wanted all of his fans to know in case they were specifically going to Comic Con to see him.

There is still a full line up of True Blood cast members who will be attending Comic Con, so the show will be well represented.

source: Stephen Moyer


  1. too bad for those going to CC, but totally understandable from the point of view of Chicago. They have to put up a show in a very short time.

  2. Most understandable with his “Chicago” commitment.  As soon as he knew, he let the fans know.  Thank you, Stephen.

  3. Oh man it won’t seem the same with out him. Oh well. Obviously he cares about his fans and it was sweet of him to let them know. I just hope we get to see some video of him in Chicago!! I’m dying to see the man sing and dance!

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