Stephen Moyer on Whether Bill & Sookie will end together


Bill fans out there are wondering if Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse will have a happy ending by the time that True Blood wraps up at the end of August. Below Stephen Moyer talks about what might happen to their relationship:

Last year Bill Compton himself, Stephen Moyer, spoke with TV Line about the new season. Moyer told the publication that Bill might not be as big of A-hole this time around:

“I think that it’s really hard. The characters can’t [always] be who the audience — or the actor — wants them to be at all times. That would be dull. A bunch of people loved Bill and Sookie together, but a whole bunch of people didn’t. So you can’t just please this bunch or that bunch. As [series creator] Alan Ball once said, ‘I’m not interested in people being happy.’ And I’ve always said, as soon as you see one of our couples get together, you know [they’re] f**ed. As soon as Hoyt and Jessica got together I was like ‘No! They’re going to f**ing kill this, I know they are!” Because [that relationship] was so beautiful… I loved playing [Bill]. I love him. Whether there were things that I feel were done well or badly or right or brilliantly, I love him.”

Stephen went on to talk about the possibility of Bill and Sookie having a happy ending together:

I don’t know whether they can be, given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be–a window into that world. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s**t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.

Do you want to see Bill and Sookie live happily every after? 



  1. Quizás quisiste decir: no. yo prefiero que sooky que queden con erick. el papel de bill es inutil, como un persona que da a creer ser el fuerte. termina siendo un copleto fraude. el es solo un parche nada mas.
    not. I sooky prifiero that it is erick. paper bill is useless, as a person who gives to believe to be the strongest. copleto ends up being a fraud. he is just a patch nothing more.

  2. Well, they got together, seem very happy, and had twins in real life. That is the happy ending fans should appreciate most of all!

  3. Yes I hope that Bill and Sookie get back together by the end of True Blood!! That is what I’m hoping so please grant me my last request because that’s what I want to happen they deserve to be together always and forever!! :-)

  4. i liked them too. I also like Sookie with Eric. But, I liked the way Bill and Sookie met and the way he cared for her. I think, they will get together before the end and i do think, he will turn her. All of us will be shocked and that will be the closing scene of Sookie turned and we can’t see it. Because, the show will be finished.

  5. Hell no!! He gets her in real life…why should his character?? I think (and my point of view doesn’t matter….but) that Sookie needs to be turned to a vampire and be like warlore was….before that she needs to have a baby by Alcide…..Bill should be her protector nothing more. Eric should have the honor of being her maker. Pam and Eric need to get together and stay together.

  6. So do I !! I loved her and Bill together, but Bill did have, somewhat of an agenda. I was really upset when Eric revealed to Sookie that Bill intentionally let that crazy couple beat her to within an inch of her life! I liked her with Eric after the witches got in his head. He almost seemed human. And then, there’s Alcide… Who is a perfect specimen of a man!! They are good together. But, Bill is still THE one! IMO

  7. That would be horrible sookie turned us not getting to see it could not handle it! Anything with that please

  8. I think as long as they give all of the main characters and ending , that would be better than not knowing how many of them end up! I could live with that . Would rather know ending. Than have one or two characters come out like I won’t!

  9. I have loved Bill through the whole show and loved him and Sookie together. I’ve always been a “Bill” fan and although I would love for the show to end with he and her back together I have my doubts it will end that way.

  10. I’m not looking for a specific ending, just lease let it end better than “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter”… Please?

  11. I want her to be made vampire by eric to save her life.but to be married to bill.eric slept with pam and made her so why not sleep with sookie and be her maker as well.

  12. I think the scene that Sookie went to Sam asking him to be together show us the final relashionship of her. I would like her with Bill

  13. I want Eric to tell her he loves her and that he’ll be with her forever and whether she human or chooses to be a vampire x

  14. I’m hoping they kill Sookie. She is the cause of 99% of all the bullshit in bon-temp. I really hate her.

  15. I wonder if they were already in love in real life during this scene. least in real life sookie ends up with Bill.

  16. Are you kidding. What do you think got me hooked on this show. It was bill and sookie. And that’s why I continue to watch to hopefully see them get back together. She won’t end up with eric. He was over her to fast . You need that first love back. I’m for bill

  17. Nope If you all remember what he did and how he lie to her..I say No.. I say Eric and even that I am not so sure.

  18. I’m not sure if that’s possible given all that has happened between them.  I would like to see them growing closer together, communicating, helping one another.  True Blood being what it is I don’t look for a neat, tied-up-with-a-ribbon ending.  But if they can be in a good place as friends with a hint of something more by series end, my imagination will do the rest.

  19. lol pam and sookie would be sisters just like nora and eric were brother and sister they had the same maker Godric

  20. Your idea for Sookie having a baby with Alcide may sounds wonderful Misty Schultes, but that not going to happen. True Blood based on vampires love story not wolf. Vampire Bill were Sookie first love so therefore, Bill and Sookie shall do reunite their love and live happily forever after.

  21. I want it to end like the books ended. I mean good lord nothing on the TV show is in the books so it would be nice if they ended in that way lol!

  22. Yes I do, but think she’d have to become a vampire for the happily forever after ending. Not sure I want Sookie to ever take that step.

  23. I’d like to see her with Eric but I’ve heard it’s not going to happen. I don’t really like Bill but Sookie should go with him out of what’s left.

  24. Love this picture of them they belong together I think they will be together in this season. I read this season is about sookie n bill

  25. Why bill and sookie relationship started based on lies. I would much prefer to see her on her own and not feel the need she as to jave a man to be happy. The books made her out to be someone who falls in and out of love so easily. I personally think sookie and eric had the best relationship it was more honest and truthful than her and bills.

  26. Yes, yes, yes. Bill and Sookie are meant to be together. They have a eternal and forever kind of love. They should be together!!!!

  27. I didn’t like sookie with eric shes meant to be with Bill .I heard alcide dies this season n in the pic of sookie covered in blood holding someone thats dieing the hair looks like alcide hair

  28. I am so tired of happily ever after’s though…’s about time to shake things up. Bill and Sookie were good together until we all found out about the underlining schemes he’s up to. Like I said, I know my opinion doesn’t matter, just putting my ideas in the hat…

  29. I would like to see her have a sex scene with alcide like she did with eric but hotter i love them togethet

  30. I don’t see that happening after she spiked him and tried kill him…also hes now a lillith weirdo so i don’t see it happening…but never say never her alcide look like their on the rocks.

  31. All I can say is these two actors have had the chemistry to continue to work whether they are together or not and still make you want them to be together all this time – that’s pretty amazing.

  32. She should be a vampire! And hell yeah, I want them together at the end. But Alan Ball (like Stephen said in the interview) doesn´t give a fuck about making people happy :( #billandsookie4ever

  33. Sookie, Bill and Alcide, if I were Sookie that’s what I’d go for with Eric as a lover! Sorted! Or as a fello fan of The Walking Dead, “Claimed”!! Easy as that!

  34. Team BillandSookie here and forever! Their love story is what the pilot was about, them meeting and falling in love at almost first sight, and the reason HBO took the story. Their love is forever and we have even seen last season that she’s not over Bill yet!

    I know True Blood rarely has happy endings but this one is what the show should have….Bill and Sookie in each other’s arms…kissing. That would be the perfect ending for me. I am sad like everyone else that the show is ending, seven seasons is a very good run, but it has to have a “definite” story ending. not a “maybe this will happen” type, but a definite end for all of us. We already know that Eric is out of the picture and we think Alcide dies, but I want Bill and Sookie to start talking and end with each other’s love. and lots of kissing!

    If we are lucky, maybe even a nude scene with Bill and Sookie. That would make me whoop and holler! lol. No matter what happens, this show has been the ride of a lifetime!

    Thanks Alan Ball and Thanks to all the characters we love so much!

  35. I have always wanted Sookie to end up with Eric but I don’t think that is happening so Bill is my next choice.

  36. I would love for them to get back together but I have a weak spot for Eric and I think they would be not to bad for eachother but in the end for reality I hope he stays with Pam because she’s someone that can handle any part of Eric.

  37. Yes I want Bill and Sookie to live happily ever after!
    My most important objective is for both of them to be happy and hopefully that will be together.

  38. This picture came from season 2 ep.2. Keep This Party Going. If Bill and Sookie get back together it would make it easier to accept True Blood ending.

  39. Yep, definitely Sookie & Bill all the way! Through all the ups and downs the relationship continued to provide evidence of the genuine bond between these two. Rough (ok, REALLY rough) patches happened more than once, reflecting a good story. Bill is Sookie’s Vamp, friend, Lover & confidant. Good writing can let them find their center, stronger than ever!

  40. My guess is that Alcide will get killed and Bill and Sookie will get back together, or Bill saves Sookie’s life and she realizes she can’t live without Bill and dumps Alcide.

  41. As for Eric, Sookie was never his. The rest were just Gold-diggers apart from Bill. No love episode is as sweet as dat of Bill except dat of Jess nd Hoyt to a degree. They should be together for sure.

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