Stephen Moyer in Emmy Magazine gets fitted with vampire teeth

Here’s a photo that shows Stephen Moyer in Emmy Magazine getting a fitting of his Bill Compton vampire teeth. It also appears that there are containers for the teeth of the other cast members in the section of the photo in the lower right. And, is that Stephen getting the Bill hair styling? Sharisse Fine is the new head hairstylist for season 3.

Updated with big photo. Click to enlarge.vampire teeth

source: Emmy Magazine


  1. How cute! And how lucky is the girl with the fangs ? Is she a props person, a makeup person, a wardrobe person, or is she there just for the fangs? You just never know what jobs are available on a film set – especially a Trueblood set!

  2. I would like to be the underwear fitter. I would get my tape measure out and learn the fine details ♥
    What a great behind the scenes photo. I love this stuff. Hollywood magic!

  3. Here’s my attempt at deciphering the article:

    “That’s how puts on the eyeteeth (True Blood) and a vampire in Glee

    The Magazine Emmy infiltrates in some televisions [shows] filming and sly the very same Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton in True Blood) being placed the eyeteeth. All of the saints days [slang for every freaking single day], sucks [doesn’t it]? In one of the last episodes of Nip/Tuck (I don’t remember which one) the fifth season, they fixed the breakage in the chick’s neck which her boyfriend had gone to the hand upon biting it: they both carried eyeteeth, his were sharp, hers were, false, more or less as those of Moyer.

    – Triple cover sheet in the Details magazine of True Blood
    – All the bloody posters of the third season

    Looking back, I have found the coach of Glee (Patrick Gallagher)lost in a cameo in True Blood! Came out in four episodes because TB is previous [before Glee].

    And what not about Hilary Duff, in her cameo in Gossip Girl, in which she interpreted an actress (ahem), that premieres in a movie of draculas. To the right. The placard of the new series: Beauty and the Briefcase. A plague in series, go.”

  4. Fun to see these behind-the-scenes pictures. I’m available for fang fittings, doing laundry, helping with hair and make-up. Have styling gear, soap powder and appropriate vampire makeup (no white pasty stuff)… will definitely travel.

  5. I assume she is a dentist, a lab tech or possibly a special effects tech. Care must be taken not to damage is his own pretty pearly whites. I think any and all hands on assistance should be performed by a Billsbabe. Trouble is there are so many of us we will have use a rotation system to be fair. :)

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