Stephen Moyer Says True Blood’s been “Sweet in the Extreme”

Screenshot 2014-07-30 10.31.51In and interview with Cinema.DE, Stephen Moyer talks about True Blood’s ending.

He is incredibly grateful that he’s been able to see the character of Bill through to the end and when asked if it’s been “bitter sweet,” he says, “Nothing to be bitter about; it’s been sweet in the extreme.”



  1. A lovely thank you from Stephen to the fans.  I’m glad that there is no
    bittersweet for him … only 7 years of sweet playing Bill Compton.  The
    show has been amazing … and so is Bill Compton.  Thank you, Stephen,
    for giving us this conflicted vampire who keeps trying to do the right
    thing.  That effort of his (and yours) has has been loved and
    appreciated by me.

  2. That’s Michael Buble singing “You and I”. I guess Steve’s not a fan of the crooner.
    Lovely interview.

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