Stephen Moyer and True Blood cast at Comic Con 2014

Screenshot 2014-08-01 15.18.36Video from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 with the Stephen Moyer and all the cast of HBO’s True Blood. Stephen’s interview starts about 10 minutes into the video.

He talks about what’s next for him, directing a film script for Denis O’Hare and a series that he is going to direct, but he’s not sure.  He also has some acting that’s coming up.  However, he talks about “stopping” and taking a vacation with Anna and the family.

Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur), Nathan Parsons (James), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Rutina Wesley (Tara), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) talked about the show’s scariest villains, their plans for post-True Blood life, and which movies they would rent from Eric and Pam’s video store.



  1. This was all kinds of fun … the video store answers, Stephen’s
    insights on directing, thoughts on concluding the series, scariest
    villain candidates.  For me it would be Russell Edgington.  And then Sam
    Trammel mentioned the Magister.  Oh yes, he’s right up there with
    Russell.  Thanks for providing.  This was a treat!

  2. “Separation Anxiety”…Nelsan Ellis….AREN’T WE ALL FEELING THAT TOO?
    “I have really strong hands”..Stephen Moyer…ooohhh, hot hot hot!
    the scariest character ever: the Maenad, Russell Edgington and the Magister….they were all magnificent!

    lovely video! thanks for it and now i have to go cry over my own separation anxiety! hard to believe it’s ending. What a hell of a ride it’s been and there will never be another one to compare.

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