Stephen Moyer transforms himself in ‘The Double’

The Double

We just reported about Stephen Moyer’s appearance in the children’s program, Phineas, and Ferb. But his upcoming film, The Double which opens in theaters Friday is not so gentle. The film centers on a retired CIA operative (Gere) and a newbie FBI agent (Grace) hunting down a notorious Soviet assassin. Moyer plays a jailed Russian killer believed to know where the culprit is.

The Double

Stephen is covered in tattoos and has a gnarly scar on his face. Most of his work in the film takes place in a basement jail cell reserved for solitary confinement. They shot on location inside a working prison in Michigan.

I got them to lock me in one of the cells and leave me there for awhile,” Moyer said.” I wanted to see what you could do in a space that big. How are you able to exercise? What is there to look at? It was very interesting and I enjoyed it—in a very masochistic way.”



  1. Stephen’s ability to transform himself with each character he plays then make you believe he is who says he is is a true mark of talent and lack of vanity.
    They can roughen his appearance up all they want but his sex appeal can not be disguised. He really does look dangerous doesn’t he?

  2. I’m going to have to go all the way to Chicago to see this? They filmed in Detroit, at least in part; they should release here, but I guess it’s not a bit enough market. :(

  3. Or wait until January 31, when the DVD comes out. I wonder: If the film does well in limited release, do they maybe open it in more theaters?

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