Stephen Moyer Tops the Chart on Top Gear

Last night it was Stephen’s turn to try to set a good time in the “Big Stars in Small Cars” segment of Top Gear USA. We all know how it ended last time he was on a race track, so we had our fingers crossed that he would be able to keep the car steady this time around. And he did! While talking to himself with every turn “Remember to brake, Remember to brake”, Stephen coached himself through the lap brilliantly and crossed the line in what seemed to be a rocking fast time.

The expression on Stephen’s face when he learned his time was absolutely priceless. He beat them all and now tops the Top Gear Chart with a fastest lap time of 1.39.3! Way to go, Steve!!!

In the interview more proof that young Stevie must have caused his folks a few headaches, turns out he flipped and wrecked more than one car back in the days.


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  1. Our guy was burning rubber. Wow was he fast! Fun interview and terrific to ses Steve having a blast. Congrats on top time.


    I was absolutely certain, when it was first rumoured he was appearing, that he would come top – because this is how we roll in Essex!

    Loved his little anecdotes, especially the one about flipping his VW Beetle.

  3. Congratulations to Stephen on his rockin’ good time! He now takes first place on the celebrity board. I watched the show last night and thoroughly enjoyed his stories … charming and delightful as always. He must have given his parents a few headaches back in the day. I had a couple of white knuckle moments during his run … but no worries. He did a fantastic job!!

    Thanks for providing the video.

  4. Yes, his poor parents. Like I said on the Forum, he just goes full-out; he’s a maniac behind the wheel, but also very skillful. If it weren’t so scary, I don’t see how Anna oould stop him from doing these. You go, Steve!!!

  5. The more I see him, the more I like him…as if it were possible for me to like him any more than I already do.

  6. I’m SO proud of Stephen!! He was BEYOND amazing and, his reaction when he finds out about his time, priceless!


    That is a insult to my Anglophilia Dam it. He is English he should be on the original and only top gear not the history chanel.

  8. I was sitting there by myself and I was clapping when he came on and when they announced his time. His reaction was so typically British, pleased a nd modest….an American would have jumped up yelling and pumping their fist. LOL!

    Speaking of British, his story about getting “really English” when getting pulled over by American police was hilarious.

  9. thank you so much for posting this, I missed it last night and am thrilled I got to see today! I love Steve and his interviews, he’s so entertaining, always!

  10. He was amazing! I was hooting and hollering and clapping when he won the best time! And can that man look any hotter? OMG!

    Loved him talking himself through the race, loved his stories, loved his grin, loved him! But then, I always love him…sigh!

    1. Thanks, ladies, for posting the pics and the video! It’s so much fun to see it again….and again….and again….

  11. He’s just so awesome. He gets more hotter and more awesome everyday. So utterly charming, and just gives off such a great vibe!! He’s perfect.

  12. I don’t watch car shows, but I’ve watched this segment several times and can’t stop smiling. Great stories, great time, great guy.

  13. My favourite seven minutes of television since season four. I love those shoulders, arms and hands… so strong and quick in the car, so expressive and sexy in the interview.

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