Stephen Moyer in this week’s People Magazine

It’s appropriate that the week when we are about to celebrate Father’s Day that Stephen Moyer is featured in this week’s People Magazine because he is probably the best Dad out there.  This one page short interview with Stephen doesn’t hold much new information for Moyer fans, but it’s nice to see him featured and talking about his wife, Anna and their new members of the family, the twins.

He talks about how the twins, Charlie and Poppy, who were born earlier than expected last September, were fragile and he and Anna decided it best to keep things quiet to protect them. Read below to learn more about the them and how they have a trailer on the True Blood set especially designed for the two little ones.

Stephen Moyer in June 2013 People Magazine

source: People Magazine

Thanks to MyObsession for the scan.


  1. Thanks, MyO.  Much appreciated.  Such a lovely bit about Stephen, the twins, and what he and Anna have been through since the little ones were born way too early.

  2. Very nice to see Steve in People Magazine and with such good pix (remember years ago his 1st appearance). Thanks for the scan and post ladies.

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