Stephen Moyer teases Season 5: It Could ‘Upset A Lot Of People’

MTV interviewed Stephen Moyer and he teases Season 5. At the junket for his mystery-thriller “The Caller” (opening in limited release today), and MTVNews begged for some scoop about Season 5 of True Blood. And Stephen delivered, teasing that this season’s arc is setting us up for potentially bigger things to come.

teases season 5

“Obviously I’m not going to tell you what happens at the end of this season, but it’s very much heading towards already what is going to happen in season five,” he said. “And it sounds amazing.”

Watch the video below:

Stephen goes on to say, “I know there is going to be an omnipresent power in season five,” he hinted. “I know what it is. I think we could be heading towards an even greater season. If they go where they’re going, it will be amazing and upset a lot of people, which we always like.”

Tell us your thoughts about what this new “power” could be in Season 5 by leaving a comment below.



  1. Seriously, I don’t understand the “upset a lot of people” part. An omnipresent power … could be a hybrid of some sort but I can’t think what. I believe the King of Mississippi will be back in Season 5, and maybe Steve Newlin as well. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the fairies. Will this power tie in with Lafayette’s and Jesus’ powers?

    Color me mystified for right now.

  2. maybe they could upset a lot of eric fans because sookie choose again for Bill, her true love!!!!
    I hope it is that but i don’t think so…

    1. I’m thinking somewhere along those lines too…but it will be more complicated than her outright choosing Bill over Eric., throw in the omnipresent power, my guess “The Authority” and you have S5 with Sookie relying on powerful King Bill too much. Something like that.

  3. I am furious! How come i can not see this video in my region? Does anyone in Europe even see it? Please, let me know if there is somewhere else I can watch it.

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