Stephen Moyer attends TCA with cast of Shots Fired

Below are some photos from Stephen Moyer’s appearance with the cast of Fox’s new show “Shots Fired” at  TCA -The Television Critics Association today in Los Angeles.

The Television Critics Association represents more than 200 professional journalists who cover television for publications across the United States and Canada. Our members reach tens of millions of consumers each week, and are considered experts within the industry, representing their employers as moderators, panelists, radio/TV guests and more.

TCA Shots Fired

Also, after the Q&A with the cast, Stephen Moyer and his co-star, Mack Wilds did a Q&A LIVE on Facebook!

Below are a couple of the many photo screenshots we have from their Q&A:


  1. Just listened to and enjoyed the Q & A. Thanks so much for posting. And … happy to see the pictures of the entire cast.

  2. Very good interview with Stephen and his “Shots Fired” castmate Mack Wilds. Looking forward to seeing the series in March.

  3. Nice piece with Stephen and Mack Wilds. So Mr. Moyer has been away from home for a long while. Perhaps back in the UK recently?
    So anxious to see this series, and Stephen Moyer in it!

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