Video: Stephen Moyer talks kid super powers & wedding anniversary

ET caught up with Moyer and his co-star, Jamie Chung, at the Fox TCA event on Tuesday in the video below.

super powers

Steve is asked if his kids have any super powers and he mentions his two youngest children, Charlie and Poppy.He explains that Charlie loves to climb things and that Poppy has a super cuteness power that helps her get away with murder.

When asked if he and Anna will be celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary together, which takes place later this month, he mentions that they will be celebrating, but not too sure how. Since the couple are currently on separate continents; he is in Atlanta and Anna is filming in Scotland, but he’s not sure just how. Still, he insisted they will celebrate in some way.

source: Entertainment Tonight


  1. Fun comments about Charlie and Poppy. I hope Stephen and Anna can somehow manage to celebrate their 7th anniversary together.

  2. Stephen Moyer is just the best interviewee. He tells the funnest, cutest stories and is always quick to talk about his latest project in such a positive way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he flew off to Scotland for a weekend soon!

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