Stephen Moyer Talks Jessica and Bill’s Humanity

One last video interview with Stephen Moyer at Comic Con is yet to be posted, and here it is.

We see Stephen outside the Warner Brothers booth in the Exhibition hall, presumably while at the autograph signing when he chats with Kim Alexander on Comic Con Radio SiriusXM.

It’s really touching to hear him speak about Bill’s relationship with Jessica and how he feels about Deborah Ann Woll.

He also talks about what we now know about how Bill will be questioning his humanity this season.



  1. I always enjoy the Bill-Jessica scenes. They have a beautiful, touching relationship as maker and progeny. So nice to hear how Stephen and Deborah Ann look forward to their scenes together.

  2. Love the two of them as characters &  their relationship is amazing.  Not a surprise that they enjoy working together.

  3. Another lovely interview with our wonderful Stephen Moyer!  He is so gracious, and always endeavors to give us good bits of information, even when it’s as short as this one.  The interviewer was very careful to remain professional, but I think she was “glamoured” by Stephen’s presence, as we all are! 

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